Retailing eCommerce Shop

Thiings is a UK-based home décor store selling antique to contemporary styled products. They have a wide product range that combines of furniture, rugs, paintings, photographs, mirrors, ceramics, decorative items, and patio furniture. The store was launched by a dealer for makers and other dealers out there in the market. The store was launched with the aim to support independent and local businesses. It made it easy for the choosy shoppers to find what they are looking for with ease.

However, they found that they were not able to reach larger audience base through their brick-and-mortar store. So, they needed to have a solution build that will offer them a better space on the online market and will provide them with better exposure to reach more dealers and makers with ease.

Our team started by analyzing their business process and requirements, and came up with a unique online store solution that focused more on interactive looks and went well with their style of product line. Our designers focused on achieving aesthetic look for the store while making adequate use of pictures of products. The menu tabs and navigation on the store were kept simple yet easy to spot as our developers wanted to guide the users through the buying process seamlessly.

What our clients achieved

  • Better control over various aspects of business
  • Gain better visibility on the online platform
  • Better product categorization aimed at targeted audience
  • Offer seasonal and festive sales and offers directly to the audience
  • Come up with a separate section displaying newly launched products
  • Direct access to sellers who wants to join the website just by filling a form

Benefits to Client

  • Simple yet classic UI/UX designing that attracts visitors
  • Excellent product categorization that delivers seamless shopping experience to customer
  • Direct access for sellers to join the store
  • Separate section to display items on sale