Retailing eCommerce Shop

Solivr is a leading in Keffiehs, Soaps, Zaatar and olive oil online and retailing selling company in the Paris that offers a good quality of products. They approached us with an ecommerce site whose design and development language was outdated compared to existing trends and designs, to improve the site visual design and online experiences. Having already based their ecommerce operations on Magento, they decided to upgrade to Magento ecommerce2.

Our solutions:

After analyzing the basic flow of the website we redesign and develop their new ecommerce site. Our first step was to beautify the look and feel of the home page and product pages, with a focus on site content, brand message, mobile friendly navigation, and a featured mini shopping basket that provide hassle free shopping process with a beautiful front-end.

Solivr achieved below benefits:

  • Faster page load speed
  • Responsive and search engine friendly
  • More efficient customization
  • Improved and optimized store performance.
  • Streamlined checkout