I must garden

I Must Garden is a woman owned company, started in 2004. Having a rich experience in garden products and remedies to keep garden flourishing. They are one of the leading garden product and remedies seller in Chapel Hill, NC. Their mission is to deliver quality and valuable products with the highest levels of customer service.

They want to develop an ecommerce site to share their experience and benefits in form of garden products and remedies to other located customers in the United States.

Our Solutions:

We designed and developed a site to meet the customer aspects and provide the experience into the form of product to the global customers reach, site will having following features:

  • Product Management: Manage all products under all categories or sub categories added. Cross sells and up sell management functionality.
  • Single page Checkout: Single-page checkout is faster, easier so more customers convert and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. Shoppers know what they must do and where they are in the process. Each step of the process is clear and the single-page checkout has proved to have a better conversion rate and much better customer satisfaction due to lesser hassle during the purchase process.
  • Optimize website for international usage: Optimizing the website for global reach not only multiplied the customer base but also helps to build a company as a global brand. As the website also provides PayPal (Payment Gateway) configured for international sales, users can instantly pay globally with just a click of the mouse.
  • Promotions: Promotions and offers where provided through coupon codes which could be generated by the admin and shared to the customers. The usage of the promotional codes in the website was developed to be completely hassle free and easy to use.
  • SEO Compatibility: Website is designed and developed with search engine optimization friendly to get easily search into search engine.
  • Cross Selling:: Invites customer to buy related products, functionality is effective in increasing the sales.
  • Product Review: Customer have an opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased, that review and comment can help in indirect promotion of the product to motivate other customer to buy it.
  • Order Management: It’s simplifying the process when a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled.
  • Increase security: HTTPS websites get a speed boost and better search engine rankings and fewer browser warnings. HTTPS also protects users against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks. HTTPS traffic is encrypted and has secure transfer. This improved overall user’s trust to purchase from the website due to improved privacy and safety for their data.

I Must Garden achieved below benefits:

  • Lower startup cost
  • Able to process a high number of orders
  • Sale products across the world
  • Potential Income
  • Gain access to customer data easily
  • Easy to retarget or remarket to customer
  • Gain new customers with search engine visibility
  • Easy to showcase in-trend product