Why UI/UX Design?

UI/UX design – To build engaging products

UI/UX design services help businesses create engaging products that will easily attract their end-users and encourage them to use it.

UI/UX design – A bridge that aligns users’ needs with business vision

Right UI designing services can help businesses design and create interactive solutions which will be easy for users to follow while letting businesses accomplish their goals.

UI/UX design – Putting shape to ideas

Every product idea is conceptualized and designed as per user and business needs by the right team of UI/UX experts. Their domain knowledge and experience of technology tools help them design UI in an attractive and intuitive manner.

UI/UX design services we offer

  • UI/UX design research
  • UX strategy
  • UX design
  • Mobile design
  • Web design
  • UI/UX consulting

Our team will start by communicating with the stakeholders and understanding their needs and business demands. They will also carry out detailed research of users to get an idea of the design project.

Our team will build a practical UX strategy that will provide the desired outcome after learning from the information collected from different stakeholders.

Our design team will come up with unique and interactive UX design patterns by incorporating the requirements of the business with the needs of the end-users.

Our design team is capable to create intuitive and modern designs for all platforms and screen sizes of Android, iOS, watches, and tablets. We offer a native look and feel for the app while ensuring smoother interactions.

Our team comes up with user-centric web designs for different devices without compromising on quality. Right from page load optimization to shaping brand identity, our design team will take care of everything when designing your web project.

Our team of UI/UX experts will offer you design consultation after analyzing your business necessities, which will help you have attractive and relevant designs.

Our capabilities

UX design for AI and IoT

Our team of UI designers is capable enough to design and create interface designs for AI-based apps as well as create interface designs for devices with IoT-based apps.

XR-based design

Our team designs experience for enterprise applications that are XR-based. We come up with immersive technology designs for AR and VR applications.

Data visualization and analytics

We work towards helping businesses change the way they collect and use data by designing dashboards for data visualization and business insights.

Analysis and development of user experience

Our designing team comes up with the best design solutions by keeping the end-users at the center. Our team starts right from strong UX research to effective usability testing when designing solutions.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

UI/UX design company

UI/UX design company

With around two decades of experience in this field, UI/UX designing team at Abbacus Technologies aims at creating amazing designs for business projects that will bridge the gap between the goals of the stakeholders and the expectations of their users. With our UI/UX design services, we do our best to enhance business performances by creating outstanding experiences for their customers.

Being a leading UI/UX designing company, we make it a point to follow best user experience design practices throughout each step of the development lifecycle. Our whole team is focused on what end-users expect from us and the entire process is planned accordingly.

Our Process

All these years of experience in UI design have helped our team to perfect the process of UI/UX design services and their proper delivery. We are strict on following guidelines, design standards, and workflows to deliver the right product to our clients.

Step 1 - Market research & analysis

Our UX design team will start by collecting and analyzing the requirements of the project. Based on the business goals and needs, requirements will be defined.

Step 2 - Ideation

We conceptualize your project idea by defining the core features of your project.

Step 3 - UI/UX wireframes

Our team then develops the prototype of your website or app along with the pages included in there.

Step 4 - Create fully functional UI/UX

Our team creates a fully functional UI/UX for your app once the wireframe has been approved by the client.

Step 5 - Integration & testing

Before the final designs are created, we let the clients test the functionality of the app in its early stage.

Step 6 - Frontend development

Once the designs are done, it is moved ahead to the frontend developers for frontend development.

Step 7 - Testing process

To enhance the functionality of the app or website as well as its performance, our QA team looks for errors and bugs.

Hire a dedicated team of UI/UX designers

Now hire excellent UI/UX designers from Abbacus Technologies. Here we have a dedicated team of UI/UX designers who are capable of creating excellent UI designs for your web and mobile solutions by leveraging their years of design experience. They make use of the latest technologies and tools to create experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your end-users.

The best thing here is that you can easily hire UI/UX designers based on your project needs. Here we have excellent designers to choose from that too at affordable rates. You can either hire a designer or a team of designers based on your project requirements.

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Agile Project Development

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Transparency & Flexibility

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Cost estimation of your UI/UX design project

Many factors come into play when deciding the expense of covering your UI/UX design project. For the same reason, it is not possible to make a cost estimation right away. To get a quote for your UI/UX designing project, have a word with our team today.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. Can I have a designer working exclusively on my project?
  • Q2. Do you offer a UI designing service for cross-platform apps?
  • Q3. Can your UI/UX design company help me update the design of my current website?
  • Q4. Is it possible to hire UI/UX designers on monthly basis from your company?
  • Q5. Will my website work well on mobile devices?

Yes. You can hire dedicated UI designer/designers to work on your project exclusively.

Yes. We provide UI designing services for cross-platform applications and you can know more about the same by contacting our team.

Yes. Our team can offer you a design update service by making use of the latest technologies and tools.

Yes. You can go ahead and choose any hiring model you wish to choose from us.

Yes. We will go with a design approach that will let you have responsive designs. All our efforts will be to come up with designs that can help you scale in the future as and when needed.

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