Why Staff Augmentation/ODC?

Staff augmentation – An extension of your team

With staff augmentation you will be able to have developer or a team of developers available to work on your project apart from your in-house staff. They work as an extension to your current team and you will have the flexibility to scale up and down members on the project as per your needs.

Staff augmentation – Large IT talent pool under a single roof

Whether you need web developers or mobile app developers, designers or QA testers, with staff augmentation you can find the right IT resources to meet your project needs.

Staff augmentation – Hire professionals cost-effectively

With staff augmentation you will be able to get direct access to professionals and thus save yourself from the expense of employing and maintaining resources.

Reasons to go for staff augmentation service

  • Right fit
  • Reduced hiring time
  • Easy access to network of IT professionals
  • Reduced churn rate
  • Certified and qualified project managers
  • Scalability

With staff augmentation, you will be able to find exactly the right candidate for the work. Whether you need someone on temporary basis or for a long-term project, you will experts who will easily fit in your business.

When you choose to go with staff augmentation, you are saved from the overhead of posting jobs, conducting interviews, selecting candidates, training new employees, and so on. Now this saves you a lot of time.

Companies offering IT professionals have a large talent pool of experts who are skilled, experienced and connected. This will benefit your project and help you explore better possibilities.

If you are having trouble with training and retaining your employees then staff augmentation will help you get rid of such headaches.

You get easy access to senior certified and qualified project managers to take care of your project. Their industry expertise and experience will help you get the best results.

With staff augmentation you get to easily speed up your development work by hiring in more resources. Once the priority tasks have ended, you can again cut down on resources.

Staff augmentation services we offer

Augmentation of dedicated developers and QA staff

Staff augmentation is the primary service that we offer here and you get to augment resources for your business. Here staff will work exclusively for the business to meet the real-time requirements. Our staff augmentation services include flexible and efficient service strategy along with the inclusion of many high-end operations that will help the business get better recognition in their industry while delivering maximum client satisfaction.


Our out-tasking services include a set of tasks and processes that are project oriented. Here it consists of Contracting and Licensing agreements. Our team here comes up with strategic policies and business plans that will help the business to strengthen its functions and performance. Through our out-tasking services we will help our client by easily managing their daily operations while coming up with effective maintenance and performance solutions.

Project outsourcing

With our project outsourcing model, companies get to enjoy the benefits of our risk mitigation techniques, cost management, and our expertise. We help organizations make the best use of their resources for meeting their core operations. Based on the business management model of our client’s business, we offer best project outsourcing services. Our well-equipped resources will help organizations to take care of their business areas well.

Support services

We offer support and managed services that help the organization resolve their queries through voice chat, emails, and web solutions. We help organizations get high ROI by reducing their costs.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

Staff augmentation company

Staff augmentation company

Being a leading provider of IT staff augmentation services, Abbacus Technologies will provide you with high-end skill sets to accomplish your business objectives. We do this by filling the gaps you have in terms of human resources and letting you meet your business needs through effective staffing solutions.

Our Process

We follow simple and easy process to help our clients with staff augmentation. Our efforts are towards helping our clients have a smooth business running while having expertise at hand to handle niche-specific tasks. s.

Step 1 - Requirement analysis

We start by understanding the requirements of our client’s business and the objectives they wish to achieve.

Step 2 - Selection of resource

In this step we let you set up your own team based on your project requirements. It will be executed by following a proper screening process.

Step 3 - Work allocation

After you have selected your resources, now you can decide on what part of the project they will be working on. Based on your requirements, you can hire resources on full-time or part-time basis.

Step 4 - Signing the contract

Now NDA contract will be signed up by both parties. During this step terms will also be established.

Step 5 - Executing the project

The project commences based on the set agreement and throughout each development phase, the client will be kept updated.

Hire a Dedicated Team
of staff augmentation

At Abbacus Technologies we have a wide range of experts to choose from based on your IT requirements and technology preference. Based on your kind of staffing requirement, our team will assist you and help you make the right choice. We offer staff augmentation service to help you meet the needs of different development needs for frontend, backend, eCommerce, CMS, DevOps, databases, architecture design, etc.

Moreover, the flexibility and scalability provided by our experts will help you stay competitive by adapting to the changes quickly. We are one of the trusted IT staff augmentation service providers and you will be able to witness the same-level of standard maintained in our hiring models. Again, to make things easier for you we will offer you on-call selection of experts for your IT needs.

+ Years of Experience

Agile Project Development

% Repeat Clients

Transparency & Flexibility

+ Client Catered


24x7 Support

Certified Developers

Cost for staff augmentation

The expense of staff augmentation depends on many factors like the experience, expertise, skills, etc. possessed by the experts. Moreover, the number of team members you want to hire, chosen hiring model, complexity of your project, etc. will also influence costing. To know more about cost estimation, you can request for a quote.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. Why go for staff augmentation compared to other models?
  • Q2. Why choose Abbacus Technologies for staff augmentation?
  • Q3. Whom can I hire by going for staff augmentation?
  • Q4. Will you re-use the codes and other materials of my project in your other projects in future?

With staff augmentation it will be easy for you to scale up and down your resources as and when needed. Here the process is cost-effective while helps you save time. Moreover, regardless of your location, you can easily find and hire best talent.

Here we make it a point to bring clients one step closer to right resources for their different IT development needs. We make use of latest technologies to speed up the project development for our clients and help them meet their business objectives by delivering the project on time.

With staff augmentation you will be able to hire skilled resources from Abbacus Technologies. You will be able to extend the capabilities of your team by hiring:
• Project managers
• UI/UX designers
• DevOps engineers
• QA analysts

No. We assure you that the proprietary algorithms, license keys, trademark, patented process and similarly anything specifically used for your project will never be reused by us.

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