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What can retail-integrated eCommerce do for your brand?

What can retail-integrated eCommerce do for your brand?

Retail-integrated eCommerce is the business model, which allows branded companies sell their products or services straightly to consumers and allows the consumers to order the product or services directly from the producer via online. Retail-integrated eCommerce looks similar to a typical e-commerce. However, what makes Retail-integrated eCommerce unique is that the background functions takes place in the order so make it sure while design and development time.


How it Works?

After the order is placed on manufacturer’s website, the purchase order is passed to the company’s retailers or commercial agents to continue the retail process that is processing the order according to the customer preference and delivering the goods or services to the customer’s door step or there are some occasions that the customer is requested to collect the order from most convenient retailer.

When a manufacturer starts to sell its products directly to the customers, disregarding the intermediate customers such as retail stores, the company will become a major competitor to the retailers. In this situation the concept of Retail-Integrated eCommerce will be a potential solution to develope. Therefore, it has become a great benefit for branded manufacturers that are already selling on-line.

Survey About Retail-Integrated eCommerce:

A survey carried out by Shopatron, which provides retail-integrated eCommerce solutions found that this system has increased the store profits and improves customer acquisition. It was also evident that retail-integrated eCommerce helped the expansion of retail distribution.

Therefore, the retailers have also shown a positive response to this system and by having more stocks on the shelf and spend more time on processing these orders, which has drastically increased the sales of the products lined on retail-integrated eCommerce. The retail eCommerce aid brands in using online sales as well as grow store sales as well. It is one huge benefit for the branded manufacturers, which are selling on the internet. 

Conclusion and Markable Point after Survey on Retail-Integrated eCommerce:

  • The retail integrated eCommerce development will surely helps to expand the retail distribution.
  • The retail integrated eCommerce will increase the store profits or improves the customer acquisition.
  • Retailers do not want to work out with the branded manufacturers, which compete with them. Over 70% of the retailers said that they will reduce and cease buying from the brands who sell straight to end consumer. The number continues to increase, over 43% since 2009 retailer survey.
  • The retailers are spending a little more with the brands that will send them the orders.
  • All in store sales rise for the brands who send orders online to the retailers.


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