Why & When Abbacus chooses ReactJS as
right technology for the development

ReactJS- Popular Javascript Library

ReactJS, designed by Facebook, is a popular frontend JavaScript library for building rich and engaging web applications with minimal coding requirements.

ReactJS Advanced Framework

ReactJS is one of the top frameworks implemented by Facebook, Pay Pal. Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb to keep interface relate issues at bay. Over 298.174 websites are built on ReactJS.

ReactJS is Feature-Rich

ReactJS is quite popular and powerful JavaScript library due to its unmatched flexibilities and amazing features. This opens source library enables ReactJS developers craft high performing website and applications.

Reasons to Choose ReactJS

  • Saves Time
  • High-Performance Apps
  • High UI
  • SEO Friendly
  • Speed
  • Community Support

Before React.js was introduced, developers were forced to work on their codes multiple times while crafting components for the application. But ReactJS, developers break down the complex component and reuse to speedily complete their project.

Lodash libraries, when coupled with React, helps in creating super-fast loading apps that can withstand a huge amount of data manipulation, which otherwise would crash. CDN hosted react applications load fast as well.

A good quality interface is an application that plays a vital role in the success of the app and allows building a high-quality, rich user interface through its declarative components.

Top ranking in the browser is essential for the success of the business. The lower the page load time and the faster the rendering speed, the higher an app will rank on google.

ReactJS, compared to other frameworks, reduces the page load time & helps secure the higher rank on Google SEO.

ReactJS allows developers to use individual parts of the application on both client & server-side, which boosts the speed during the development process. The developers can write individual parts, and all the changes would cause logic of the application.

React enjoys strong community support, which is why one should adopt ReactJS in their project. A large number of React developers contribute to making an improved frontend framework. There are around 136,079 stars for ReactJS on Github and 1331 regular contributors.

There are technicians, developers, bloggers, and experts to help if you ever get stuck while using React.

ReactJS Development Services We offer

ReactJS Web App Development

Abbacus Technologies offers reliable and progressive web apps with ReactJS along with a number of re-usable components for quick & easy upgrades and changes.

ReactJS Frontend Development

ReactJS is great for frontend development because it allows easy modification. Whenever any changes are made, it quickly patches the updates on the real DOM after recalculation the differences between the two versions.

ReactJS Plugin Development

Our team specializes in developing re-usable plugins as well as extendable applications by combining React and Flux.

PWA Development

We help companies build PWA, which allows their product to provide the look and feel of the mobile application to the user without the installation process and access to features such as push notifications, camera, and more.

JAMstack Sites

We build secure, scalable, and fast-loading static sites for companies. Contrary to the belief, static sites are a great for heavy loaded websites. They are dynamic & are regularly updated.

SPA Development

We offer single-page application development for apps that are decoupled from the frontend and backend. These apps are fast & dynamic and give the best outcomes.

ReactJS Migration

Our ingenious ReactJS developers help you switch the ReactJS platform or upgrade the version without the risk of losing any data in minimal downtime.

Maintenance and Support 

ReactJs mobile and web development require continuous maintenance & support to upkeep every changing browser and mobile configuration. Every detail of the project is discussed with the client to attain maximum accuracy & efficiency.

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  • Q1. How much does it cost to develop a ReactJS web application?
  • Q2. How long it takes for ReactJS Website Development?
  • Q3. Angular v/s ReactJS: which is better?
  • Q4. Which development process do you follow?
  • Q5. How can we collaborate for ReactJS development?

ReactJS Website development enables easy reusability of UI components and runs the tests while compiling the code. These isomorphic features of ReactJS allow developers to save a lot of time & hence the development cost. Book a free 30 minutes consultation call to discuss your requirement, and we will tell you the cost estimation.

Time estimation to develop a ReactJS website will depend on the development platform, features and functionality requirement, design complexity, and testing. However, the time is reduced when the client's similar or existing components are used in the project. Schedule a call with your requirements to know development time estimation.

React is a library, whereas Angular is a framework. React only views layer of MVC. So, you can have independent libraries to complete the M and C of your framework. React compiles UI templates with inline JavaScript logic to create JSX, which stores everything in one place to ensure the safe completion of the project.

Angular uses regular DOM while React uses Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM automatically checks for the changes in HTML and updates timely.

We implement agile methodologies in all of our projects. Our development cycle involves continuous research & ideation, collaboration, testing, integration of features, and client communication. We have mastered state-of-art engineering practice with years of experience, so we deliver high-performing websites & applications exceeding our client's expectations.

There are three ways we can collaborate:

1. Dedicated Team- This is a good option for clients with large projects who want to work closely with the team members. Pricing will set according to the scope of work, time, and ReactJS developers required in the project. The quotation is generally prepared considering the long engagement person. However, a client can exit with one-month prior notice.

2. Time-based Billing- This arrangement is suitable the projects are not too large or complex. Here a developer will submit a daily timesheet, and the billing will be done as per hours spent.

3. Lump-Sum- Here, the cost for ReactJS development is estimated based on the scope of work and time. This pricing model is useful when the client has pre-defined requirements & fewer complexities.

About Us

About Us

At Abbacus Technologies, using modern approaches and an open-source development framework, we offer a wide array of ReactJS web and app development. We incorporate ReactJS technology to build robust applications like SPAs, PWAs, dynamic web pages, social media apps, and much more. Each project undergoes critical thinking & deep research for robust & high-performance websites & applications.

Our services are extended to all strata entrepreneurs, ranging from small, medium, to large scales.

Here are the steps we follow to ensure high -functioning ReactJS web application:

Step 1 - NDA Signing

We respect your intellectual property, so we do sign a fair NDA contract.

Step 2 - Understanding Client’s need

Every client has a different business objective, so our team conducts a brief session to understand client needs.

Step 3 - Project Detailing

It is essential to comprehend the technology stack, architecture, and pricing.

Step 4 - UI/UX Designing

UX research, wireframing, and UI design are all part of this process.

Step 5 - Development Timeframe

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.

Step 6 - Development Deployment

In this step, the server deployment is done according to set timeframes.

Step 7 - Testing

The application is tested regularly to ensure it is functioning smoothly and performing well.

Step 8 - Quality Analysis

The quality analyst in the organization takes care of the product during production and runs a test to check if the application meets desired standards.

Step 9 - Maintenance

Our team remains on their toes to resolve any performance issues and bug fixes during the application's production and post-development.

Hire a Dedicated Team
of ReactJS Developers

We have a brilliant Web Application development team and highly experienced ReactJS frontend and backend developers who strive to deliver error-free and most promising web applications.

All out team members adhere to stringent process which encourages seamless communication, clarity, and efficiency. Our developers specialize in providing ReactJS Website Development, PWAs, SPAs, ReactJS plugin development, and much more.

As we consider time as paramount, we remain committed to providing high-quality and on-time project delivery.

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Agile Project Development

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Cost to develop ReactJS Application

Our pricing policy is fair & transparent. First, our business analyst will understand your business
requirements and then suggest the most compatible and cost-effective web solutions. You can
schedule 30 mins free consultation calls to know the cost estimation.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.

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