Why & When Abbacus chooses QlikView as
right technology for the development

QlikView- Robust BI

QlikView is a robust business intelligence and data visualization tool powering business decisions from start-ups to large-scale organizations. It can easily handle a large amount of data and can also integrate with all types of data marts and database types. Abbacus Technologies’ team is highly skilled in QlikView. Our dedicated developers simplify complex calculations into any valuable results. We create interactive applications and dashboards with QlikView-specific development capabilities.

QlikView- Cost-effective

QlikView is highly cost-effective because of its memory-resident application. It uses less desk space. The amount of memory depends on the amount of data you need for each application.

QlikView- Flexible

The automatic association of QlikView creates endless possibilities for making ad-hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies. QlikView is flexible when it comes to building a dashboard. The QlikView tools allow users to formulate scripts for mapping data.

Reasons to Choose QlikView

  • Widely Used
  • Enhanced Data storage security
  • Explore data freely
  • Faster Deployment:
  • Other key reasons to opt for Qlikview

QlikView is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform. It allows accessing, analyzing, and retrieving data from mobile devices. QlikView has immediate response time without any restrictions on the amount of data.

QlikView provides a very safe working environment for the users. All the data being used is highly sensitive corporate data.

QlikView allows users to create their visualizations based on the schema within the application. Users can explore their data in a way that suits their specific needs.

QlikView integrates both back-end and front-end user interfaces. It comes with a single place for dashboards, analysis, and reports. Thus, making it easy for business users to view their slice of the underlying data.

• Reduction of analysis time
• Guaranteed return on investment
• Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Business user autonomy in the management and analysis of measures
• In-memory technology that allows instant analysis of data in real-time
• 24x7 accessibility and regardless of location
• High scalability

Our QlikView Development Services

Qlikview App Development

Extend the functionalities of your QlikView with our customized app development. Our developed apps are reusable with modular architecture.We ensure your business meets its eCommerce objectives seamlessly and quickly.

Qlikview Development Services

We use QlikView to create custom reports, business notification solutions, decision tree algorithms, and dashboards. As your business requirements, we visualize the design and create a prototype of it.

QlikView Programming Solutions

We develop data-driven enterprise applications with role-based access controls, CDC capabilities, intuitive dashboards, advanced search engines, and seamless API connectivity. We use Qlik’s Associative Engine and the QlikView Workbench to provide targeted and micro-targeted analytics apps

QlikView Integration

We integrate your QlikView solution with Qlik Google Analytics connector and Oracle database API. you can sync all data, connect deeply into apps and configure flexible workflows with clicks.

QlikView Geoanalytics Services

With the help of Qlik geoanalytics software, we crisp, interactive mapping interfaces and geospatial visualization programs that data managers can use to analyze relationships between geography, business processes, and customer behavior.

Data Preparation Services

To enhance the data extraction, we set up cloud-based or on-premise based data marts and data aggregation centers.

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QlikView development company

QlikView development company

Our Process

Abbacus Technologies is one of the top-notch QlikView Development Companies. We follow a holistic approach to provide on-time delivery. We help organizations boost their revenue with our QlikView solutions. Our development process is very systematic & strategic.

Here are the steps we follow to ensure high functioning QlikView:

Step 1 - Discover

We start with gathering information and understanding your business needs.

Step 2 - Define

We discuss and plan a specific strategy based on your project requirements.

Step 3 - Design

System design, wireframing, prototyping, UI/Ux design, and architecture for your QlikView

Step 4 - Development

We develop code to enable the functioning of your eCommerce site.

Step 5 - Testing

The site goes through various testing for quality analysis.

Step 6 - Delivery

After successful testing , we deploy your app on a secure medium and complete the setup.

Step 7 - Maintenance

We will ensure your QlikView app is always performing at its best. If any issue is identified it will be fixed promptly and competently.

Hire a Dedicated Team of QlikView Developers

Abacus Technologies provides exceptional and innovative QlikView solutions. We use cutting-edge technology for different verticals. Our team is well equipped with the latest technology and establishes a fast-paced BI solution.

Our QlikView solutions simply consume vast amounts of data while delivering to the user and assisting in the decision-making process. Our hiring model is flexible and nominal. Make your eCommerce success with our QlikView Development Solution.

+ Years of Experience

Agile Methodology

% Repeat Clients

Client-centric approach

+ Client Catered

Low-cost custom development

365 Days Availability

Certified & skilled Developers

Cost to Develop QlikView Website

The cost of developing a QlikView website depends on the BI requirements of your organization. Our pricing model includes QlikView Implementation, customization, training, add-on features, and other aspects that may be needed to ensure the solution works seamlessly for your BI needs. Book a 30 minute free consultation call to know more about pricing.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. How much time will it take to build a QlikView Solution?
  • Q2. Which companies use QlikView?
  • Q3. What's in QlikView?
  • Q4. Do you have expertise in QlikView Development?
  • Q5. How can we collaborate for QlikView Development?

The time needed to develop QlikView depends on the BI tool. Our business analysts will determine the estimated time based on features and functionalities requirements. We divide the project into milestones for transparency and also it becomes easier for you to pat after each milestone is completed.

QlikView can accommodate all types of business verticals and boost the sales of enterprises. It is used by more than 50,000 customers including Deloitte, Ford, PayPal, Lloyd’s, and the UK’s National Health Service.

QlikView includes:
• Advanced data prep
• Broad data connectivity
• Dashboarding
• Guided analytics
• Free from associative exploration

Yes, our developers have a natural tendency to polishing their skills and knowledge with all the latest happenings around QlikView. We constantly contribute, participate and work on various aspects of QlikView.

We can collaborate in three ways:

Dedicated Team- In this model, clients can hire a dedicated team. Pricing is decided as per the scope of work, time, and QlikView developers required in the project. It is a long-term model however, a client can exit with one-month prior notice.

Time-based Billing- The client has to pay as per the hours of effort required for particular tasks. This model is the best fit for small businesses with changing needs. Clients can hire on-demand developers and pay for the number of hours spent.

Fixed Price Billing - In this model, the work and requirements are predefined. We evaluate the prince after the client shares their business requirements. Based on mutual agreement, payment terms and other conditions are decided.

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