Why Product development?

Product development – Offers value to customers

Well-planned and strategically developed software products will be loved by customers, as they always crave innovation. Customers will only love products that are of great value.

Product development – Find a distinguishing place in the market

Investing in product development helps the business find a distinguishing spot in the market and stay competitive always.

Product development – Excellent revenue form

Businesses get to easily reach out to a larger customer base by investing in web and mobile solutions. This helps them make better sales, thereby increase their revenue rate.

Product development services we offer

  • MVP & prototyping
  • Product architecture design service
  • UI/UX design service
  • Product development
  • Product testing
  • Support & maintenance

Our prototyping approach and our expertise in MVP development will help you minimize the risks associated with the product after testing it under conditions set for specific markets.

Our team will thoroughly analyze different product development architecture layers to design one for your product that will add competitive value to it.

Our team here offers innovative product designs that are user-friendly, intuitive, and compelling in nature. To build solutions that fit the dynamic marketplace, we choose to follow an adaptive design approach.

By leveraging different development and operational methodologies like Agile, DevOps, Prototyping, and Waterfall, we offer end-to-end product development services.

Through our product testing, we make it a point to assure that the end product is stable, secure, and scalable. Our team of QA experts will work towards making it easily customizable and seamlessly integrable by following different testing methods.

To optimize processes and improve the overall efficiency of your product, we offer upgrade and update services. We deliver timely and streamlined migration, integration, and enhancement services for your products.

Our capabilities

Application development services

Here at Abbacus Technologies, we offer next-gen application development services for enterprises to simplify their complex processes. We design and build robust, dynamic, stable, and secure business applications that will give you an edge in the competition.

Web development services

Whether you need to develop a website from the scratch or revamp the existing one to match your business needs, our web development services will do the trick for you. Right from concentrating on aesthetics to usability, we offer creative web development services to our business clients.

Mobile app development services

Now enjoy end-to-end mobile app development services for your business from Abbacus Technologies. We build native and cross-platform applications which will help your business achieve digitally sound transformation.

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Product development company

Product development company

With each passing day, customer demands are increasing and businesses need to find the right solution that can let them stay competitive. This means just building a good product is not enough, businesses need innovative products that will help them lead the market. This is where Abbacus Technologies play a key role by being one of the prominent software product development companies of this time.
Over the years we have worked as a reliable technology partner for many businesses and delivered bespoke solutions that enhanced their business operations. Our in-depth domain knowledge and presence of the right team of experts are what makes us the best to choose for your product development needs.

Our Process

Being a leading product development company, Abbacus Technologies delivers dynamic, intuitive, and user-friendly product development services. We follow a strategic and a very systematic approach for product development and this helps us to deliver a solution that matches client needs.

Step 1 - Brainstorming & planning

Our team will start by brainstorming ideas for your product development. Our team will execute your idea with proper detailed planning right from the beginning to ensure it turns out to be successful in the end.

Step 2 - Requirement analysis

In this step, our team will carry out a requirement analysis to decide the elements needed in the project. Together with it, a feasibility analysis is also carried out to identify any risk elements present within the project idea. This will help to mitigate them right at the beginning before it can cause any harm to the project.

Step 3 - Design & prototype

Our team will start by conceptualizing your idea in a way that it meets the project requirements well by creating mockups and prototypes. Our team of software architects and engineers will design the overall base of your solution while defining its workflows.

Step 4 - Development

Our team of developers will turn your design into an actual product in this phase. The development will be carried out by keeping all stakeholders in mind while ensuring it meets the requirements of end-users.

Step 5 - Integration & testing

Our team of QA experts will carry out functionality testing, usability testing, interoperability of the solution, etc. along with ensuring that developers have placed in clean codes. QA team ensures that the developed product is glitch-free and completely meets the business goals.

Step 6 - Implementation & deployment

Once the development is completed as per the project needs, our team will go ahead with the implementation plan by following the step-by-step guide. The tested application along with its components and data will be moved and changes will be deployed later with every new update.

Step 7 - Maintenance

Finally, our team carries out maintenance service to fine-tune the product based on the collected feedback. We also carry out updates, upgrades, and enhancements to help your product perform at its best.

Hire a Dedicated Team
of product developers

Now hire developers with extensive market experience and technology expertise to handle your product development needs from Abbacus Technologies. Right from planning to the final deployment of your project, our team of developers will take care of everything for you. We believe in delivering innovation and so we create modern applications, websites, and mobility solutions while maintaining quality standards.

We have formed a strong team of solution consultants and subject matter experts who will work to design a product strategy that aligns well with your business vision. Here the product development team can be hired as per your project requirements. We here offer flexible hiring models and you can follow them to choose the best team that will work for you.

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Cost estimation of your product development project

There is no clear cost estimation for your product development project as it depends on many factors. Only analyzing them and setting up requirements accordingly will help you know the cost and timeline of your project. All you need to do is to contact our team to know the exact cost estimation for your product development project.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. Which technology will you use for my product?
  • Q2. How about my intellectual property rights?
  • Q3. Do you offer consulting services?
  • Q4. What software development methodology do you follow for my product development?
  • Q5. I have got an idea, would like to verify it. How can you help me with this?

Our team will analyze your project idea and your business requirements first. The right technology for your product development will be suggested based on those findings. To know more about what works best for you, talk to our team.

Before the commencement of the project, we sign NDA with all our clients. We make it a point to safeguard the IP details and all other client information by adhering to security standards.

Yes. We believe in helping our clients have the best products developed for their business and to help them make reformed decisions, we offer consulting services.

We generally follow an agile methodology for product development. However, it is the particular nature of the project that will decide in the end which methodology should we follow.

Yes, we understand that investing your money and time blindly in an idea without verifying its viability is not wise. So, to make sure that the product developed from the idea can actually work in the market, our team will first go ahead with MVP development.

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