Magento Support Service for Version 1 & 2

Swift Magento Bug Resolution and Technical Troubleshooting:

Encountering technical challenges? Our proficient Magento developers specialize in promptly resolving bugs, ensuring your Magento 1 or Magento 2 store consistently delivers optimal performance and quality. Timely troubleshooting guarantees a smooth online shopping experience for your valued customers.

Robust Security and Backup Services for Magento Websites:

Shield your e-commerce venture from cyber threats with Abbacus Technologies’ Magento Website Security and Backup services. Our certified developers conduct rigorous security patch audits, fortifying your site and eliminating potential vulnerabilities to ensure maximum protection.

Effortless Magento Version Upgrades Tailored to Your Platform:

Stay ahead in the dynamic e-commerce landscape with Abbacus Technologies’ Magento 1 to 2 upgrade services. Customized to your platform version, our comprehensive offerings include security patch installations, Magento software updates, resolution of plugin compatibility issues, and meticulous testing post-upgrades.

Expertise in Custom Magento Extension Build and Updates:

Elevate your store’s functionality with our expertise as professional Magento extension builders. Whether it’s custom installations or timely updates for third-party extensions, we ensure compatibility and seamless integration, conducting thorough analyses for a flawless extension experience.

Performance Optimization for Enhanced Conversions:

Drive higher conversion rates with Abbacus Technologies’ Performance Optimization services, focusing on improving site speed and usability. Through rigorous evaluation and tailored solutions aligned with search engine recommendations, we address technical issues for an optimal customer experience.

Themes Upgradation for a Refreshed Online Presence:

Revitalize your store’s aesthetic with Abbacus Technologies’ Magento Theme Upgradation services. Whether for Magento 1 or Magento 2, our developers conduct thorough theme analyses, ensuring compatibility and addressing potential functional issues post-upgrade. Stay ahead with a refreshed and visually appealing online presence that reflects your unique brand identity.

eCommerce UX Audit:

Our Magento support services include a thorough eCommerce User Experience (UX) audit to enhance the overall usability and satisfaction of your online store. Our experts analyze the user journey, navigation, and design elements to identify areas for improvement. By optimizing the UX, we aim to boost customer engagement, increase conversions, and create a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Functionality Development:

Abbacus Technologies specializes in Magento functionality development to extend the capabilities of your eCommerce platform. Whether you need custom features, modules, or extensions, our experienced developers work closely with you to understand your business requirements. We ensure that your Magento website aligns with your specific needs, offering a unique and tailored solution that sets your online store apart.

Third-Party Integration:

Seamless integration with third-party applications and services is crucial for the success of an eCommerce business. Our Magento support and maintenance services include proficient third-party integration to enhance the functionality of your online store. Whether it’s payment gateways, shipping solutions, or marketing tools, we ensure that your Magento platform collaborates seamlessly with external services, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Website Technical Audit:

Regular technical audits are essential to ensure the optimal performance and security of your Magento website. Our technical audit services cover a comprehensive review of your website’s infrastructure, security protocols, and performance metrics. We identify and address potential issues, implement necessary updates, and optimize the technical aspects of your Magento platform to guarantee a secure, stable, and high-performing online store.

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    Cutting-Edge Technologies and Tools Empowering Abbacus Technologies in Magento support and maintenance services

    Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source: The core Magento platform is at the center of any Magento support and maintenance service.

    Magento Maintenance Team - Benefits Of Hiring Us

    Expert Magento support and maintenance Services from Abbacus Technologies
    Unlock the full potential of your Magento storefront with our certified Magento experts at Abbacus Technologies. Here’s why collaborating with us for your Magento maintenance needs is a strategic decision:

    1. Certified Magento Excellence:
    Our team of Magento experts is certified and dedicated to providing swift technical support and maintenance, ensuring your Magento store runs seamlessly. Whether you operate in B2B, B2C, or D2C, we keep you updated and optimize your store’s performance. From routine updates to integrating new features, we’ve got you covered.

    2. Approachable and Responsive:
    Communication is key, and with our team of Magento developers, you can expect quick and effective responsiveness. We prioritize clear communication and knowledge transfer to address your concerns promptly. We’re always ready to listen and deliver tailored Magento eCommerce solutions to meet your unique support and maintenance needs.

    3. Emergency support and maintenance Around the Clock:
    Downtime is not an option. Our website maintenance services include 24/7 monitoring during critical scenarios to minimize downtime. Our dedicated support and maintenance team is available at all times to address emergency concerns and ensure your website runs smoothly, providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

    4. Holiday-Ready Maintenance:
    Ensure your website is holiday-ready with our tailored support and maintenance and maintenance services. Our Magento development team optimizes your website, analyzes past trends, and troubleshoots issues to guarantee a seamless shopping experience during peak traffic sales.

    5. Rollover Hours for Cost Efficiency:
    Maximize your budget with our rollover hours feature. Depending on your purchased plan, unutilized hours can be carried over to the next month. Use these hours to implement custom features, tweak your website, or make changes that enhance conversion rates.

    6. Dedicated Project Manager:
    Your ongoing support and maintenance and maintenance service come with a dedicated project manager. Acting as a central point of contact, they facilitate effective communication between you and our technical support and maintenance team. This ensures the right resources are assigned to each task, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

    7. Comprehensive Magento support and maintenance:
    We offer unparalleled support and maintenance and maintenance services tailored to all editions of Magento, including Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, and Adobe Commerce Cloud. Our expertise extends to Magento development services, optimizing various e-commerce websites to meet diverse business requirements.
    Experience the difference with Abbacus Technologies – where Magento support and maintenance meets excellence.

    8. Exclusive support for Magento 1:
    We all know that the Adobe agency acquired by Magento has stopped supporting older Magento versions. That’s where we come into the picture. We can help you solve your Magento 1-related technical troubles. We offer Magento 1 support services exclusively.

    Case Studies

    Client Background:
    A multinational retail giant Stroll, operating in diverse markets with a substantial Magento Commerce infrastructure.
    The client faced a critical challenge with their outdated Magento version, impacting both performance and security. Their expansive product catalog and high traffic volume required a robust and scalable e-commerce platform.
    Abbacus Technologies conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing system and proposed a comprehensive Magento version upgrade. The process involved meticulous planning, testing, and execution to ensure minimal disruption. The team also implemented performance optimization strategies and enhanced security features during the upgrade.
    The upgraded Magento platform resulted in a significant reduction in page load times, providing a seamless and improved user experience. The enhanced security measures fortified the website against potential threats. The client noted increased customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates, and a more future-proof e-commerce foundation to support and maintenance their global operations.

    Client Background:
    An emerging e-commerce startup Gazel relying on Magento Open Source to power their online store.
    During a critical peak sales period, the client’s website encountered unexpected downtime, putting significant revenue at risk. The urgency of the situation necessitated a prompt and effective resolution to minimize losses.
    Abbacus Technologies, with its 24/7 emergency support and maintenance service, swiftly identified and rectified the issue causing the downtime. The team also implemented proactive monitoring to detect potential disruptions before they could impact the site’s performance.
    The rapid response and resolution not only saved the client from revenue loss during the peak sales period but also established a proactive approach to ongoing website monitoring. The client expressed gratitude for the quick and efficient support and maintenance, reinforcing confidence in their partnership with Abbacus Technologies.

    Client Background:

    A specialized online retailer Gravel leveraging Magento Commerce Cloud to cater to a unique and niche market.


    The client needed to differentiate their online store by implementing custom features tailored to the specific requirements of their target audience. They sought enhancements that would optimize the user experience and drive higher conversion rates.


    Abbacus Technologies, through its support and maintenance plan featuring rollover hours, collaborated with the client to identify and implement bespoke features. These enhancements were designed to address the unique needs of the niche market, providing a tailored and engaging online shopping experience.


    The custom features resulted in increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, and a strengthened market position. The flexibility offered by the rollover hours allowed the client to continuously refine their website, adapting to evolving market demands and customer preferences.

    Client Background:

    An established brand Innovate with a complex Magento Open Source infrastructure requiring ongoing support and maintenance and maintenance.


    The client faced challenges in task assignment and communication within their maintenance process. The lack of streamlined processes resulted in inefficiencies and delays in issue resolution.


    Abbacus Technologies introduced a dedicated project manager as part of their ongoing support and maintenance and maintenance service. The project manager became the central point of contact, ensuring effective communication and proper resource allocation for each task. This streamlined approach aimed to enhance overall efficiency in the maintenance process.


    The introduction of a dedicated project manager led to improved communication, faster issue resolution, and enhanced overall productivity. The client benefited from a more streamlined support and maintenance experience, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

    Client Background:

    A popular online retailer Jiffy relying on Magento Commerce to manage their extensive product catalog.


    Historically, the client’s website faced performance issues during holiday seasons due to the surge in traffic. Ensuring a smooth shopping experience during peak periods became a top priority.


    Abbacus Technologies implemented proactive maintenance strategies well in advance of the holiday season. The team conducted thorough optimizations, analyzed past trends, and addressed potential bottlenecks to ensure the website could handle increased traffic seamlessly.


    The client experienced record-breaking sales during the holiday season, with the website maintaining stability and responsiveness even under peak loads. The proactive approach to maintenance contributed to an exceptional user experience, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty. The success during the holiday season set a positive trajectory for ongoing e-commerce excellence.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Abbacus Technologies provides a comprehensive range of Magento support and maintenance services, including version upgrades, performance optimization, emergency support and maintenance, custom feature implementation, and ongoing maintenance tailored to various editions of Magento.