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How to submit and publish your iOS app on iTunes

How to submit and publish your iOS app on iTunes

All of you, who have been trying hard to publish your app in the App Store must have noticed the new change Apple has brought in its iTunes Connect portal. The portal now has a complete novel look and feel. There are icons for everything now, therefore it has become quite easier to navigate. The app distribution process too has changed to some extent and now has turned into a longer process. Here check out how you can submit your app making use of the new iTunes Connect:

Submitting the App

The below mentioned tutorial takes you through the step-by-step process of distributing the app with the iTunes Connect portal. There is a difference in the order that would help you sense the difference the new procedure has from that of the previous one.

Step 1: Get through all the configuration as needed by your app. It should very specifically include the app's New Version and all other vital details.

Step 2: Now you need to archive plus upload the build making use of the Xcode. In the previous version of the process, you were to set everything in the iTunes. The status too needed to be set as “Waiting for Upload”. However; now the binary can be uploaded anytime.

Step 3: Once you are done with Step 2, you will notice the build below Prerelease tab. The status here gets changed to “Uploaded”. Wait the binary to get processed by Apple. Apple will be checking non-public API usage in order to validate the binary.

Step 4: If at all the binary faces a rejection, an email from Apple will notify you about the same. And if everything goes well and the binary is approved, a + plus icon near the Build section will be visible to you under the new version.

Step 5: Click on the + sign in order to select a build. Once you select the build, remove the +sign and choose for a new one.

Step 6: You will now have a list in front of you including all the uploaded builds. Pick the one which you wish to set as your current build.


Step 7: Once you click on Done, the new build so selected will appear in the Build section of Versions. It will also have the upload time as well as date.

Step 8: Click on the Save button placed at the page top.

Step 9: Now you have to click on 'Submit for Review' which will be there at the top right of the page.

Step 10: Next you will have to mention in all the details concerning Export Compliance and the Content Rights.

Step 11: Now you need to answer the questions regarding Advertising Identifier i.e. IDFA. You will have to show if you app makes use of the Advertising Identifier. And if it does, then you need to explain the way.

Step 12: As all these steps are over, you now come to the last step of the submission process. Just click on Submit. The iTunes Connect will take you to Versions present on the App Details page.


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