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How to publish an android app on google play store?

How to publish an android app on google play store?

Publishing an App on Google Play Store: The Essentials to Know!

As soon you get over with the completion and testing of your app, it's now time to get it published, so that it's available to the widespread network of mobile users. And the most trusted way to get your app out in the public is to get it uploaded on Google Play Store.

There is a very simple process that you need to follow in order to publish your app on Google Play Store. Here check out how you get through this process:

1. Registering for a Google Play Store publisher account (skip the step if you already have one)

  • The very first step for publishing the app calls for signing into a Google account. If you haven't got Google account, you can make one while heading with the process.

  • Next step involves entering your general information like the developer identity, name, email, and a few others. This information can be altered in future, if you want to.

  • Next you will have to go through and also accept the Developer Distribution Agreement applying to your country or the region. It is to be noted that the apps and store listings that get published on Google Play Store must adhere to the Developer Program Policies and also the US export law.

  • Moving on, you might have to pay a nominal registration fee while using the Google Checkout.

  • Once the registration gets verified, you’ll be notified of the same via an email on the mail address as specified by you during the registration.

2. Distributing the App as a paid App

This is applicable to the users who wish to sell their Apps, not the ones who want to distribute it for free. They must set up for them a Google Checkout Merchant account. However, once you choose to keep the App for free, you won't be able to change the same to paid app later.

For setting up the Merchant account from Developer Console:

  • First log on to your Google Play Developer Console

  • Click and open the Financial reports placed on the side navigation.

  • Click on Setup a Merchant Account now.

This will then take you to the Google Wallet site for making you sign up as the Merchant. You will be required to put in necessary information regarding your business in order to complete the procedure.

3. The Developer Console

After registering and receiving the verification mail, you can sign in to the Google Play Developer Console. This will act as home for all the app publishing operations and the tools on Google Play Store.


This is the page where you will have to specify the general information concerning either yourself or company. The information given in the developer profile will be of importance because it is what will identify you to the Google Play store as well as the customers.

During the registration process, you'll have to provide the needed information for your profile. However, this information can be edited any time you want.
The developer profile includes:


Your developer name:It has to be the name you wish to show to the users on listing page of your store or at any other place on Google Play store.

Developer contact information:This is purely for the use of Google and users have no access to it.

The developer website URL:This is displayed to the users on the store listing page which helps them to understand about the company or the products in offering.

4. Publishing a new App

  • First of all, you will have to log on to Android Developer Console

  • Now click on “Add new Application”.

  • Choose the App default language plus App name. Click on “Upload APK”.


  • Next you will have to click on the “Upload your first APK” button and get uploaded the APK file created on the plugin control panel of Wiziapp WordPress.

  • Select “Store Listing” tab present on the top left side of the menu.

  • Now fill in your App description.

Note: If you wish to add any disclaimer regarding the App required permissions, the following paragraph is to be used.


  • Storage: Allows the App caching resources to be saved so that the App loads faster.

  • Network Communication: Allows the App to access web.

  • Your Account: It's needed in order to register the device ID with that of Google Cloud Messaging for enabling the push notifications service. It will never be used by the App to either make a phone call or for any other purpose.

  • System tools: Lets to add a shortcut to the home screen.

  • Development tools: Allows to add one shortcut to the notification center.

Uploading your App screen-shots

You can create the screen-shot by using any one of the given ways:

  • Users having access to an Android device have to send in the APK file to your email, access it on the device, install and then take screen-shots of the preferred App screens.

  • Users who have an iPhone device will need to browse the Wiziapp powered web app on the iPhone browser, then click on save the App to the iPhone home screen, access it from there, and take the screen-shots of the preferred App screens and emailing it to the desktop.

5. The Final Steps

  • Upload a High-resolution icon, 512 x 512, 32-bit PNG.

  • Select the application type as “Application”.

  • Now you have to choose the App category.

  • Select the App content ratings.

  • Provide App contact details.

  • If you are willing to offer a URL for privacy policy for this app, enter it or check “the Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time”.

  • Click to save.

  • Now choose the “Pricing and Distribution” tab given on the top left menu.

  • Choose App price as either Free or Paid.

  • Choose all countries for App distribution.

  • The last 2 check box under the “Pricing and Distribution” screen must be checked as follows:

  • Content guidelines

  • US export laws

  • Click to save

  • Choose “Services & APIs ” tab present on the left menu

  • If you wish to activate the push notification service then Click on the “Link sender ID”, enter your API Key that can be seen on the plugin control panel Wiziapp WordPress, “Publish to Google Play Store”.

  • Click in order to publish the App. Change the top right button's drop-down menu from “Ready to Publish” to “Publish the App”.

Congratulations as your app has been successfully published on Google Play Store and is now reachable to a wide network of smartphone users!

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