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How to do marketing via whatsapp?

How to do marketing via whatsapp?

Did you know how many times an average consumer checks his or her phone? Well, researches clearly state on an average people tend to check their phones around 150 times a day. Surprising, isn't it?

While this might come as a surprise to the consumers, the business world finds it no less than a pleasing affair. For the businesses around, it certainly gives them a great chance to make a strong marketing strategy given the fact that a good amount of time is spent by all in doing different activities on phone such as sms, chatting, email, using apps, playing games etc.
What makes it so interesting from marketing viewpoint?

The very fact that you get to know where your target audience is spending maximum amount of time, is apparently the best platform to be used to advertise your products and services. The only thing you need to know now is where exactly you can target the potential consumer.
The Mobile World: What Holds on the User?

  • Is it Email?
  • Is it Texting?
  • Is it WhatsApp?
  • or, is it Instagram? ..
  • What's the deal here?

The WhatsApp Connection: Why to use it for Marketing?
Marketing for Whatsapp

After having researched a lot as to which mobile feature holds an user for the maximum time, we came across quite interesting facts about WhatsApp. Some of the reasons that make WhatsApp an important marketing tool for all the businesses across, stand as:

  • It has 600 million users worldwide
  • Around 70% of users use it monthly
  • There are 320 billion people using it daily
  • It gets 1 million new users every day
  • Most Important : Average amount spend on WhatsApp by an user happens to be 195 minutes

There are many other advantages to list, but we guess, these are quite enough for you to understand how well can it perform as a marketing tool for your business.

Marketing Features You Avail on WhatsApp

By now we have already understood as to why and how WhatsApp plays a crucial role in marketing. However, let us now discuss what all marketing features can you avail while working on WhatsApp as your key marketing tool. It allows you:

  • To target local as well as international audience
  • To make your content go viral
  • To target your niche audience in the group
  • To be customer friendly and helps customers connects with you
  • To create your own WhatsApp list and groups, and start mobile newsletter.
  • The list certainly goes on.

How to market the products with WhatsApp?

Now that you have come in terms with all the reasons to market your products and services on WhatsApp, let us now understand how it can be done.

Note: However, before getting started with this, you should make it a point to use this kind of marketing trick with the opt-in contacts only.

Marketing via WhatsApp: The Step by Step Guide

1. Prepare a Group: You will first need to make a group related to your product or service so that you get to target the right set of users. You can use your website's user details to create a group of 50. ( Make sure it's opt-in).

2. Good Morning and Good Night: You can have your brand and website's name in the footer along with a Good Morning or Good Night message that touches to your brand.

For example: a baby product related advertiser should create an image with the image of a baby saying,

“Your baby gives you smile, give her the rest. Good Morning by (Advertiser or Brand Name)”.

3. Prepare an image: An image conveys 1000 words. No one is interested or rather we can say has the time to go through the whole message; especially if it's not entertaining. So it is always better to create and send the message in the inform of an image. You can have the 2:1 ratio for same like 2 images and 1 textual message a day.

4. Use Optimized Image: Make sure your image has a call-to-action. It should go viral. It should be smart enough to convey your brand message to the end users. Never forget to include your website name and the related image.

5. Send Textual Message: Send your offer or other text information with website URL, which apparently will redirect the users from WhatsApp to your website.

6. More connection, the more Viral it goes: Ask your friends to share it in their group. As in WhatsApp the first step of going viral is to have more shares. If you can share it more, you have certainly won the the battle.

7. Be Regular: Always remember, your client won't come to you. You will have to to go to the client for marketing your product or service. So don't end up in spam but make it a point to WhatsApp your client at least 1 to 3 times.

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