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History, Growth and Future of Mobile Apps

History, Growth and Future of Mobile Apps

Apps World at a Glance

Over the years, mobile technology has proved to be the biggest boon for mankind. It has not just made the life easy and simple but has even affected various aspects of life. From the professional front to the personal, mobile presence is widely felt and accepted. Undoubtedly, mobile technology holds a bright future. And accelerating this growth of mobile are the wonderful apps. Both smart-phones and the computer tablets have become popular, which has led to the advancement of mobile apps and software. The development these apps have attained so far is simply commendable.

Whether it for for some fun game, extracting any useful information, personal safety or entertainment; there are thousands of apps at your service and the number is only going to multiply.

How Apps Created an Influence?


From the dawn of mobiles to the launch of various apps, mobile technology has come of age since its inception. Techies have contributed big time in developing these amazingly wonderful apps that have a great influence on every sphere of human life. There are apps catering to each and every section of the society thus widening the customer base.

From a homemaker to an entrepreneur; from a school student to a professional, everyone has his or her set of apps giving their life an ease and comfort. You need any medical advice, there are health apps catering to your needs, similarly, the gaming apps, movie apps, money related apps, banking apps and even the customized apps, all have influenced our technology driven life in a great aspect. Let us here understand how beneficial these apps have been:

App Benefits in General:

  • Easy one-touch access

  • Quick delivery of information

  • User friendly and convenient features

  • Instant notifications

  • Admissible Scheduling of Information

  • Easy to acquire knowledge about various products and services

App Benefits for Business:

  • Widens customer reach

  • Increases customer engagement

  • Reduces marketing costs

  • Easy marketing tool

  • Increases brand presence

  • Enhances brand value

  • Builds customer loyalty

  • Convenient and quick

Apps Ahead: What is the future of Apps?


Going by the present scenario one can easily state that the future of apps is strong and they are here to stay. Tech experts worldwide are busy making in new changes and increasing the usability of the apps. They predict that there are several apps to make an appearance in the near future, which will take the apps market to an all new level.

While some in the field raise doubt on apps future sustaining for long, others hold a high view that nothing can diminish the power of apps. These will stay here for long and help users and businesses alike to get benefited. The dependency of each and every sector on the apps is increasing widely and this itself is enough to vouch for the remarkable future of the apps.

App developers round the globe assure of potential mobile apps capable enough to predict the consumer needs even before it gets realized. They aim at developing apps that would provide information and help in making decisions for the users in prospect of what they would probably ask for.

Apps Future: What's in Store

App developers have some prominent and effective strategies for the future apps. There are changes to be made in order to enhance the usability and yield better and satisfied results. We as of now have apps that work on already fed information from the phones, and analyze user behavior as well as the patterns of use.

Soon in the coming future, these apps will under all possibility would be able to envision what the users will need further. This certainly would be handy for every sort of daily activity from giving suggestion for birthday gifts, providing directions or making sure that the users have the needed recipes for the contents.

Mobile apps providing automatic alerts to users under all likelihood will have an increased use in the future too. Apps providing transport updates depending on the location, warnings based on the external pollen levels or even the account balance information of an user's Visa card, all will have some enhanced usability.

Not just this, the app development is even predicted to improve the government services in future. With the probability to help enhance service organization and the operation.


Without any doubt, the standard of future mobile apps looks all promising. Given the fact that mobile users these days are turning increasingly picky about the mobile app software, the only challenge the apps have to face is to live up to user expectation and deliver nothing less than excellent. Till the time improvisation is on the go, Apps Future won't stumble upon!



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