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Facebook makes the newly launched Mobile Like Button available to ALL!

Facebook makes the newly launched Mobile Like Button available to ALL!

Given the very fact that much of the web is moving into the native mobile apps, Facebook too felt the need of getting content from within them into their walled garden. This is the reason that after a preview of it at f8 in the month of April 2014, Facebook has now officially launched its mobile Like button. It is open to all the iOS and Android phones wherein the users have now got a new way of instantly sharing the content to News Feed simply within apps.

Using this newly launched mobile Like button, you can Like the Facebook page of an app, an Open Graph object within an app, or even share a content or achievement. Facebook stated it very precisely that the Like and Share buttons of it get viewed on more than 10 million websites in a day. However, the mobile web technology wasn't able to keep up native mobile apps' power and design skill. With the launch of mobile Like Button, Facebook will easily be able to dip its scoop into mobile experiences of all the third-party developers, get back stories to keep the feed interesting and grab more eyeballs to all its ads.

Like Button in your Mobile App: How to Get Started?

1. Figure out the most admissible moment to display the Like Button

An app has many parts out of which you can select the desired one to show the Like Button. Given below are some of the guidelines, to implement the same successfully:

You can select to display the Like Button when a user reaches a particular level of engagement with the app. This is works effectively when you know that users are more probable to share or remain connected once reaching the particular scale of engagement with that of your app.

You might even desire to drive the Likes the moment people log into your app. This desire of yours can be fulfilled successfully if the app already owns a robust brand association or if the users decide to log-in having experienced the app already on a dissimilar platform. Displaying the Like Button either on your app's main screen or under the app Settings, can be quite handy for the first-time users.

2. Position it for high engagement

Test distinct locations to find out which can lead to maximum engagement. It is also vital to choose locations on screen that resound with that of your current app experience and the user interface. Some of the apps even display a pop-up dialog along with the Like Button at the very precise moment when the user wishes to engage or share the content.

3. Create an engaging Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page is apparently the finest way of interacting or reaching out to people and keeping them updated with all the necessary information in regards to the app or game. You can always offer them some tips, initiate a conversation, or reach out to the target audience via ads. Liking the Page lets the active mobile app users to get involved with your content, both on web and the mobile. Also, the App Links can be used to create a coherent experience amidst your Page and the native app. This will facilitate your fans to click on any of the link posted on your FB Page, and directly get back to the native or the web app sans an friction.

Make the best use of this mobile Like Button and get started with the simple line of code!

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