Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation – Setting new business standards

Digital transformation is all about incorporating latest technology into the business with the help of experts. It brings in complete change in business processes as well as in everything else they do.

Digital transformation – To automate those mundane tasks

Digital transformation is all about leveraging innovative technologies like AI, blockchain, cloud, data analytics, etc. to redefine business processes in a way that majority of repetitive tasks can be automated. This helps the business simplify their processes while reducing expenses otherwise spent on human resources.

Digital transformation – To stay relevant

With digital transformation your business will be able to keep adding some value to it and enhance growth. Choosing to adapt new changes will let you stay relevant to the changing needs of your industry.

Reasons to choose Digital transformation

  • Cost savings & minimized risks
  • Faster time to market
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Team alignment
  • Predict customer behaviors & brand success

With digital transformation consultation, it will become possible to evaluate the value of products and services of businesses. This way they will be able to save themselves from wasting time on products or services that does not connect with their audience well.

Under digital transformation, products are tested on real customers. This way time spend on iterations can be brought down to a greater level and thereby product can be launched in the market quickly.

You get to point out the operational inefficiencies with deep journey mapping and try to understand how customers may behave differently under different circumstances. Such knowledge will help in improving the customer experience at the site.

Digital transformation brings all stakeholders together under a single roof and work towards a single goal. This lets them to understand each other and thereby work in sync with each other.

With properly planned digital transformation it will become possible to develop best practices which can be used to know the kind of services that will be liked by customers and type of content that will get connected with the audience.

Digital transformation services we offer

Digital transformation consultation

Our team of experts starts by analyzing technology architecture of your company, its structures and processes. This helps them to enhance the performance quickly and make improvements in your business site that helps in sustaining it for a longer-time.

UI/UX design

Our team of UI/UX experts come up with effective strategies that work towards customer retention. It also helps the business to build strong relationship with the audience base by creating impactful identities.

Turn-key IoT solutions

Our team of IoT engineers will make the best use of IoT technology by connecting different devices and people, thus leading to global transformation.

Mobile, desktop, and web app development

Our team will help you choose the right platform for your app development needs. We have the right team of app developers with needed skillset to take care of your project.

Revamping legacy products

We offer legacy modernization services which comes with immense possibilities that will help you resolve the issues you face in real-time all the while upgrading the outdated systems.

End-to-end AI and ML development

We meet your business goals by combining it with endless possibilities brought in by ML and this lets us to develop excellent AI-powered software for businesses.

Big data

We work on your data to get valuable insights from it which can then help businesses make right decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and to generate new revenue streams.

Process consultation

We implement innovative strategies to improve your processes based on your business requirements.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

Digital transformation company

Digital transformation company

Being one of the leading digital transformation companies in the market, our team of experts have the proper understanding of different business models and thereby they suggest solutions that can help our clients improve operational efficiency, grow faster as well as expand digitally.
Our team work towards helping clients find new ways to optimize their processes, improve security, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Our Process

Being a reputed company offering digital transformation services, all our efforts are towards helping our clients achieve efficiency and scalability by optimizing their business processes.

Step 1 - Consulting & strategy

Our experts will start by gathering information about your business to understand how it works.

Step 2 - Discovery & roadmap

After gathering proper understanding of client business, we define a roadmap that will pave way to the digital transformation.

Step 3 - Solution implementation

Once the suggested solution is approved by the client, then we get into designing and development phase. The project goes under multiple iterations before it is finally ready. Features are included in there during iterations in phases.

Step 4 - Testing

Our QA team will conduct testing for your project parallel to the development phase and changes will be included during iterations. Once the project is finally completed, it goes under quality check to ensure everything works as per the expectation.

Step 5 - Integration & testing

Our team of QA experts will carry out functionality testing, usability testing, interoperability of the solution, etc. along with ensuring that developers have placed in clean codes. QA team ensures that the developed product is glitch-free and completely meets the business goals.

Step 6 - Implementation & deployment

Once the development is completed as per the project needs, our team will go ahead with the implementation plan by following the step-by-step guide. The tested application along with its components and data will be moved and changes will be deployed later with every new update.

Step 7 - Maintenance

Finally, our team carries out maintenance service to fine-tune the product based on the collected feedback. We also carry out updates, upgrades, and enhancements to help your product perform at its best.

Hire a dedicated team for digital transformation

Abbacus Technologies has an expert team of digital transformation consultants, designers and developers; together who will help you simplify your digital journey. Throughout our service, our main focus remains at adding value to the business by including innovative technologies into its processes.

Here we provide different hiring model to let the businesses choose their digital transformation team as per their convenience. Moreover, we also follow different communication channels to always stay connected with the stakeholders and deliver the best results in the end.

+ Years of Experience

Agile Project Development

% Repeat Clients

Transparency & Flexibility

+ Client Catered


24x7 Support

Certified Developers

Cost for digital transformation

The expense of digital transformation for a business can depend on many factors. What the business wants to achieve, how to achieve and why to achieve – all has to be considered. This means the cost estimation can differ from business to business solutions and to know yours, contact our team.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. Does my business need to go with digital transformation?
  • Q2. What are the key areas of digital transformation?
  • Q3. What issues may be faced during digital transformation?
  • Q4. Why more businesses are now adopting digital transformation?

Digital transformation is important for businesses that want to grow and stay competitive. It is important when your business is planning some major shift in their niche. Lack of proper digital experience from your customer perspective is another hint you need to take the step.

Now this includes transforming key areas like -
• Customer experience
• Leadership
• Operation model
• Data and information
• Employees

Some issues that may pop-up during the transformation process are:
• Resistance by employees
• Lack of budget, or time or resources
• Skill gap
• Limited collaboration and sharing

To gain competitive edge in the market and experience long term sustenance are the two major reasons why companies are going for digital transformation. Some other reasons are:
• Older methods and processes getting replaced by digital businesses and related skills
• Changing expectations and needs of consumers
• Putting vast amounts of data to use by making use of technologies and tools

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