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Importance of social media and digital marketing for political parties

Importance of social media and digital marketing for political parties

A lot is said about impact and influence of the social media in the elections. Whereas social media isn’t the substitute for traditional way of campaigning, the politicians agree that it gives an edge to stay in touch with the public. The political parties are now resorting to ride on digital wave just by conducting their campaigns by workshops or driving engagement on the platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media alone can’t help you to win the elections or strategies adopted on the digital front have to be with the ground activities. So, here we present the list of some strategies you should adopt when you choose to dive in world of the Social media:

  • Decide & Defend: When you choose to be on the social media platform, you have to defend decision with complete heart.
  • Reality: You have to analyze pros & cons, possible hurdles or any slack that may come on your way before putting the step ahead.


When you jump in a field or feel otherwise, whole table may turn against you. The people may get a hint and create the bad impression for you.

Understanding KPI’s: First you have to be very clear with your goals or what public wants. Communication strategy must be in tune for both digital and offline marketing that includes the social media communications also.

Reality:People select leaders with heart and mind both. You have to be open minded and logical to your approach and sensitive to the critical issues. Somebody is likely to go for a leader who is more human, intellectual, sensitive, visionary, futuristic, open minded and active. Suppose you can master these qualities, then it is likely people may look on to you!

Building Inclusive campaign: When building the campaign, it must be such that plan caters to various sections of the society as well as not any particular one.

Focus on the Campaign Winning the Elections :

  • Delivering with the Quality: Whatever people see they buy and you have to power up your campaign with the regularity and best quality
  • Reality: Best quality deliverance on the social media generally needs 3 things:
    1. Design (new benchmark in the content presentation & design)
    2. Content (must be impactful)
    3. Timing (Accordance with mood of a market & competition moves)
  • Exploiting right channels: Selecting right social media platform for your election campaign depends on the strategy and purpose. This has to be of a right mix.
  • Reality: The success can’t be coincidental and has to be first planned & executed.


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