Why & When Abbacus chooses Devops as
right technology for the development

DevOps – For speedy project delivery

DevOps is an ideal combination of approaches and tools that will help you deliver business solutions quickly by reducing time to market. Moreover, you will be able to quickly adapt to changes in your solution by choosing DevOps.

DevOps – A better solution for team collaboration

DevOps brings to the table a new culture of collaboration where responsibilities are shared and teams work with accountability, trust, and ownership of their work. DevOps increases the performance of the team while boosting productivity.

DevOps – To drive innovation

With DevOps, you will be able to quickly try out new features and functionalities in your business solution to match with agile markets. The best thing here is that it can be done while maintaining quality standards and high-security levels.

Our DevOps consultation service can help you achieve

  • Digital transformation
  • Improve customer experience
  • Quicker resolution of problems
  • Align IT with business
  • Faster delivery time
  • Software development in a sustainable way

For any business looking forward to digital transformation, DevOps plays a very crucial role. DevOps will help you move your business to a better infrastructure with the latest technologies so as to deliver the best quality digital services.

DevOps simplifies the software development process by adding strength to it and makes it possible to effectively adapt to the latest technologies. DevOps encourages companies to come up with software solutions that completely meet their business requirements and exceed user experience.

With DevOps, you can quickly find bugs, errors, or even threats in your software and correct them quickly so that user experience is not compromised.

To create robust solutions DevOps follows the process of continuous integration and automated deployment. DevOps development actually includes strategies both for the development and operations of the solution that will offer it commercial and technical benefits.

The agile development process helps in reducing the implementation time of different processes. This reduces the DevOps development lifecycle very much. It also helps in reducing the costs related to upgrades and maintenance.

With DevOps, it becomes possible to establish a smoother collaboration between your development and operational teams. Furthermore, it also helps in the seamless deployment of software solutions.

DevOps consultation services we offer

DevOps consulting services

Now accelerate the project development process and cut out the time-to-market of your software by choosing to go for our DevOps consulting services. Our team of DevOps consultants will help you optimize the development lifecycle and improve IT operations by following the right DevOps consultation practices.

DevOps configuration management

Under our configuration management services, our DevOps developers make use of a comprehensive set of tools for determining the issues quickly and increasing agility to enjoy a high level of services. Our configuration management service will help you to stay focused on the core areas of your business and work on its strategies.

Infrastructure automation

As a part of our infrastructure automation service, we help our clients to reduce the manual efforts on their IT operations and accelerate them. This service will let you test your infrastructure and offer scalability without adding in any extra efforts.

Infrastructure monitoring

Our team of DevOps developers will boost your IT operations by offering cloud-and-vendor agnostic infrastructure management and monitoring service. We take care of issues before they occur and thus keep up the performance of the systems to their optimal value.

Integration & deployment

Our team of DevOps developers will offer you continuous integration as a part of the DevOps development solution. We will also ensure that all the changes are automatically deployed to production with our continuous deployment service. Moreover, to deliver quality service, we make use of agile methodologies.


Here at Abbacus Technologies, we offer DevOps as a service, and through that, we provide a complete range of DevOps software development services.

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DevOps consultation company

DevOps consultation company

Abbacus Technologies is a leading DevOps development company that offers world-class DevOps agile development solutions that will help your business to simplify the complex development process by automating workflows. This helps in improving the quality of the software solution. Through our solutions, we make it a point to deliver DevOps applications that are result-driven and will reduce the software development cycles in a way that maintenance costs will be reduced too. Here we are more focused on client satisfaction and so carry out an agile methodology that is completely based on feedback collected from customers.

Our Process

Abbacus Technologies believes in building and delivering excellent software solutions through our DevOps consulting services. Over the years we have developed a systematic and strategic plan that helps us to understand client requirements well and reciprocate with solutions that answer their business challenges.

We follow agile methodology to deliver quick results without compromising on the quality and this involves some well-defined steps.

Step 1 - Conceptualizing

Our team will start by getting an in-depth analysis of your business and do thorough market research and that includes learning more about your competitors. This will help us to suggest effective solutions.

Step 2 - Setting goals

Our team will then come up with a detailed roadmap on project progress. We will also define the milestones with deliverables and an expected timeframe to complete them.

Step 3 - Prototyping

We come up with mockups as a part of refining and validating different design elements for your project. Our strategy includes integrating feedback continuously from stakeholders for making improvements.

Step 4 - Testing

We carry out numerous automated and manual testing to ensure the quality, security, and stability of your solution before it is delivered.

Step 5 - Support

Our team will offer a maintenance service where they will keep monitoring the performance of your project and will report issues for speedy troubleshooting. This way they will keep optimizing the infrastructure.

Hire a dedicated team of DevOps developers

Being a reputed DevOps development partner, we have a large talent tool of DevOps experts who are skilled in using different DevOps tools. In order to cater to your business needs, our DevOps developers will come up with good strategies for planning and execution of your application or web development.

Our team continuously works with end users and all stakeholders to collect feedback and carries out development as per the reviews. We believe in reaching desired results and all our efforts are focused in that direction.

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Cost for DevOps consultation project

It is not possible to give the cost estimation for your DevOps development solution right away. The development cost depends on many factors and so it is important to take them all into consideration before coming to a figure. So, if you too wish to go ahead with a DevOps development solution then talk to our team to get a cost estimation.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. How do I get to choose the developer of my choice?
  • Q2. How do you ensure the quality of my codes?
  • Q3. What kind of service do you offer post-project delivery?
  • Q4. How can we measure the success of DevOps?

Based on your project requirements, we will assign you the right developer who will be skilled enough to complete the project within the stipulated timeframe. However, you can conduct several interviews to select a developer as per your choice. In case you need to scale up your team or wish to change the developer in between the project, we can help you with that too. We will assure you 100% satisfaction.

We regularly carry out a quality audit of your project and review codes to ensure they are good.

We offer services for feature enhancement, rectify errors, and make necessary updates as required by the project.

DevOps is more about implementing automation. This means you will get to reduce the time spent on repetitive human chores. Moreover, this will also lead to reduced instances of error in programs. So, if you are experiencing fewer instances of errors and there has been a great reduction in overall costs then it means the success of your DevOps solution.

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