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How to Create a Successful Online Food Ordering Website and Mobile App & Market it?

How to Create a Successful Online Food Ordering Website and Mobile App & Market it?

Dining Out: A Changed Scenario

When it comes to food, everyone loves it to the core. But more than the love for food is the desire to save big on every order. Eating out has turned to be a common scenario everywhere around, given the considerable rise in superfluous income of people. However, it has also been noted that dining at restaurants leaves a big hole in the pocket; courtesy, many of the tax elements; inclusive of the service tax. This is the prime reason, the world is now witnessing the emergence of food ordering websites.

Currently, the market is flooded with a number of food ordering portals that gauge upon the food habits of people across the globe. As per a recent survey, consumers get to save up to 20 to 50 per cent when ordering food via these portals. They don't have to pay any telephone cost, can bag great deals, and also save on service charges and the restaurant tips.

Online Food Ordering Website: What Makes it so Popular?

Have you been working till late in office? Are you left without provisions back at home? Can’t eat out due to foul weather or it's because you aren't aware of local joints? Whatever your reason be, the solution is one, 'Online Food Ordering Portal'. Given the dearth of time and the raised demand for amenity, consumers nowadays are addressing more and more to the online food ordering.

The on going trend clearly states that the consumers now want to delve into all cuisine types and restaurants in a click. The hassle free system of reaching out to their favorite cuisines with absolutely on annoying effort, has indeed made online food ordering portals the best choice for foodies around.

Food Ordering Portals: The Business & Revenue Generation Model!

Be it FoodPanda, Smart Restaurant, Take Eat Easy, & BigBite, all the online food ordering portals work on a simple, yet highly effective business model. These platforms act as the connecting link between a customer and the restaurant. The subscribed users look for restaurants, place their desired order with the selected restaurant, and make the payment online or prefer the cash on delivery (COD) mode. The food delivery part is effectively handled and executed by the concerned restaurant.

However, if you too wish to start your online food portal, the below mentioned critical points will surely prove to be a great help. Have a look:

  • The Online Food Ordering portal partners with the local restaurants offering home delivery, and thus prepares a database.
  • There is a pre-fixed commission given by the restaurant for every order that gets placed via the website.
  • The restaurants too can get featured on the homepage of the website for better marketing and publicity.

Online Food Ordering Portal: How to Build a Successful Website

If you wish to be the next big thing in the growing world of online food ordering, you sure need to be precise with your ideas concerning the same. You will have to take immense care of many technical and marketing facets so as to ensure your portal stands apart. The following points will make it clear what all you have to keep in mind while building a successful online food ordering portal and a mobile app:

1. Opt for a Custom built website

Before you launch your business, ensure that you have a programmed and custom designed website. Your portal should appear unique and not a replica of any other food portal around the web. It is very essential to start off using a feature rich, reliable website so that you can win people's trust. Being genuine is the first step you take towards a successful business ahead.

2. Search engine optimization & social media

Your website will have no success unless it makes visibility on the search engines. Ensure that your database management system, and website information architecture are all search engine optimized . This will bring constant traffic on your site. Also, don't neglect the power of social media in helping you target more of potential customers. Make your website friendly to all the social media platforms so that it can bag maximum traffic and thereby increase your site's visibility as well. For the same, you will have to hire an expert team of designers and programmers backed by an experienced SEO team.

3. Be prepared with the database

You will have to first create an extensive database of restaurants that you aim to target. Collect all the basic information inclusive of the contact details, the menu, possible areas of delivery, etc. being prepared with it will help you build up sales ties with the restaurants, which you think will fit the bill for your mission. See to it that your website is designed in a way that it can manage the huge database.

4. Start with a smaller area and expand gradually

Don't be in a haste while targeting the restaurants around. It would be far more beneficial if you can first focus on a smaller area. The reason being, this will call for lesser investment, and you will be able to give whole of your attention on a particular market. You can build a good name in the market, help your brand win the trust and then expand it gradually.

5. Customize as per the local demands

Always remember, customer is the king. Your site will only stand successful if it caters to the needs of the local customers. Therefore, it is very important for your website to get customized as per the existing demand. It should abide by the following:

The look of your online food ordering portal must be tailor-made according to the taste and demand of your local audience.

  • Your business practices must adapt to the local environment.

  • Keep in mind that the database management and layout will also differ as per the local cuisine choices.

  • The payment options on your website should also abide by the preferences of the common mass in your city. There is a difference in choice when it comes to paying via credit cards, COD etc. And it certainly varies from city to city.

  • If possible, try and keep the website multi-lingual so as to broaden its reach.

  • Some restaurants may not have effective internet connectivity, right food preparation, proper delivery standards, etc. So ensure that your sales team enrolls eating joints that maintain service standards.

6. Design friendly and inventive features

Develop an advanced content filter which lets the search based upon the timing of food delivery right from the beginning. Your website must have some innovative features that stand to be useful as well. For instance, some user wants to know of restaurants offering delivery at night, but the details are not there on your website, will it help the business in the right way? Of course not! You will have to think of all probable options a customer can look for.

Also, build automated process of letting restaurants know about the new orders, averting order cancellations, letting customers know about the order that gets declined by a restaurant and also providing with alternatives, etc. This way you will have to invest less on human capital.

7. Keep the order placing procedure simpler

Why do you think people will choose to order online rather than making a call to book their order? Well, it's simple because the former saves their time and is quite convenient as well. When developing the portal, make sure that your food placing procedure is very simple yet is quicker and faster.

8. Mobile friendly

Thanks to the growing world of smartphones, the world wide web is now easily accessible even on the go. Most people browse and surf sites for products and services using their mobile phones. Therefore, it is very essential that your site is mobile friendly. It should be easily accessible via phone as well .

Building an Effective Online Food Ordering Mobile App: Tips to Consider

As consumers use more of smartphones and tablets, there is an unavoidable need for organizations to create an app. With a mobile app, the business has greater chances of staying connected with the target audience as it steers across the ever growing digital landscape.

  • Hire a team of proficient and expert mobile app developers. The designing has to be unique, one that can bag instant attention.

  • It must be extremely user friendly and should have all the necessary information.

  • Consider the platform, whether it's for iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. If you want a great audience, go for a cross-platform targeting all popular mobile platforms.

  • The app should be such that allows easy navigation so that users don't find it confusing. Don't complicate it too much.

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