Why & When Abbacus chooses Blockchain as
right technology for the development

Blockchain: Future Proof

The demand for Blockchain Technology is increasing because of its simplified business processes & tech benefits. Today, customers want decentralized and trustable systems and Blockchain fits the need perfectly. The technological block chain trend is increasing day-by-day.

Blockchain: Improved security & Privacy

It is nearly impossible to hack due to end-to-end encryption. The data stored across a network of computers makes it secure. Blockchain creates an unauthorized record of transactions. It’s privacy concerns are better than traditional computer systems. It anonymizes the data and needs permissions to limit access.

Blockchain: Transparency

The greatest characteristic of Blockchain is the fact that its transaction ledger for public addresses is open to viewing. Blockchain allows all network participants to share the same documentation as opposed to individual copies. This feature enables trust and also builds brand value.

Reasons to Choose Blockchain

  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Reduced Cost
  • Speed
  • Other Key Benefits:

Blockchain simplifies the process along with reducing costs. The costs of remittance were 5-20%. Blockchain technology minimizes the costs and provides guaranteed, real-time transactions across borders.

Blockchain reduces the operational cost which means you don’t need third parties or middlemen to make guarantees. You can trust the data on the Blockchain. You also won’t have to review so much documentation to complete a trade because everyone will have permissioned access to a single, immutable version.

The transactions in Blockchain can be completed faster and more efficiently. Any transaction can be handled in seconds or less. A single ledger is used for r which is shared among participants. Everyone has access to the same information which becomes easier to trust. Thus, clearing and settlement can happen much quicker.

Blockchain technology has helped businesses and organizations to establish more transparent business operations, to enable trust between the key stakeholders. The major benefits you could harness are:

• Automation
• Elimination of duplication of data
• Reduced risk
• Auditability
• Traceability

Our Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contracts

We create highly secured and reliable crypto wallets that go well with different cryptocurrencies. Our developers program smart contracts for Blockchain networks providing decentralized network solutions.

POC Development

We provide Proof-Of-Concept development services for Blockchain projects like voting tracking, legal documents, medical records management, insurance policies, identity management, etc.

Cryptocurrency Development

Our Blockchain development service offers to create crypto tokens and currencies. We are experts in building online wallets, desktop/mobile wallets, cold storage wallets, and more.

HyperLedger and Multichain

We provide HyperLeger and Multichain service for healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, etc. Our developers create decentralized applications by using permissioned Blockchains.

ICO Development

We provide all-inclusive services for ICO, from conceptualization of the token design and ICO smart contracts to website deployment.

Private blockchains

Our blockchain developers can easily build secured and permissioned private Blockchain applications for any industry. This can save on infrastructure and operational costs.

Decentralized apps (dApps)

Get your encrypted peer-to-peer apps with no single point of failure and zero downtime.

Blockchain Mining Software

We provide miner performance dashboards that create decentralized networks for mining pools and offer comprehensive architecture solutions for mining firms.

Solidity Development

With our Solidity experts, we execute smart contracts in any of the Blockchains for establishing a successful business.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

Our Process

Abacus Technologies offers end-to-end Blockchain software and application development, from Smart Contracts to dApps. Our Blockchain model is highly flexible and reliable. Our Blockchain framework includes AI, data analysis, IoT, and web security.

Here are the steps we follow to ensure high functioning blockchain website

Step 1 - Information Gathering

We start with a consultation, goal definition, and requirement gathering.

Step 2 - Define

in this step, we do project and development planning and also share the milestone with the client.

Step 3 - Design

System Architecture Design, Wireframing, UI/UX Designing, & Prototyping

Step 4 - Development

software coding and optimization and functional implementation.

Step 5 - Testing

to ensure seamless functioning of your site, we conduct various tests, including appearance & performance.

Step 6 - Delivery

After testing the site successfully, we deploy your website on any desired platform and complete the setup.

Step 7 - Maintenance

We monitor your app to make sure it's bug-free and provide complete support.

Hire a Dedicated Team
of blockchain Developer

Abbacus Technologies is tuned for the Blockchain development demand that is driving true differentiation in today’s enterprise. Our dedicated Blockchain developers create web apps to meet the evolving needs of the business.

Our Blockchain developers are experts in providing an accurate and holistic client experience. We cater to businesses from diverse industry verticals from start-up to enterprise. Our hiring model is flexible and cost-effective. Contact us today, share your dreams and see them turn into reality with us.

+ Years of Experience

Dedicated Project Manager

% Repeat Clients

Integrity & Transparency

+ Client Catered

Client-centric approach

24x7 Support

Certified Developers

Cost to Develop Blockchain Web App

Numerous factors affect the final cost of developing Blockchain applications such as complexity, number & type of features, development platform, category, years of expertise of the assigned team, and numbers of developers needed. Book a 30 minutes consultation call to know the approximate cost of your Blockchain project.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1.Does Blockchain development have a future for Enterprise?
  • Q2. How much time will it take to develop Blockchain applications?
  • Q3. What are the types of Blockchain development?
  • Q4. Can Blockchain be hacked?
  • Q5. Why should I deploy Blockchain technology in my business?
  • Q6. How can we collaborate for Blockchain development?

Currently, Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies in the market. Blockchain has changed the FinTech and Supply Chain Management industry. In the coming years, the value of Blockchain-based applications will be doubled. Thus, enterprises consider Blockchain to keep them ahead of the competition.

The time needed to develop a customized web app can take 1 to 4 months, depending on the complexity, design, features, testing, and number of changes needed. Our agile development process helps us to deliver projects within the estimated time. Connect with us and share your requirements.

There are three types of Blockchain development
1. Public Blockchain
2. Private Blockchain
3. Consortium Blockchain

No, due to the decentralized digital ledger Blockchain can never be hacked. It is a secured platform.

The decentralized nature of Blockchain offers equal opportunities to the entire network, One can easily manage transactions from any part of the world. Blockchain-based projects are safe, transparent, innovative, and productive.

We can collaborate in three ways:

Dedicated Team- In this model, clients can hire a dedicated team. Pricing is decided as per the scope of work, time, and Blockchain developers required in the project. It is a long-term model however, a client can exit with one-month prior notice.

Time-based Billing- The client has to pay as per the hours of effort required for particular tasks. This model is the best fit for small businesses with changing needs. Clients can hire on-demand developers and pay for the number of hours spent.

Fixed Price Billing - In this model, the work and requirements are predefined. We evaluate the prince after the client shares their business requirements. Based on mutual agreement, payment terms and other conditions are decided.

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