Why & When Abbacus chooses BigCommerce as
right technology for the development

BigCommerce – An ideal solution for businesses of different sizes

BigCommerce is an ideal solution to develop an eCommerce store for any kind and type of business. So, whether yours is a startup or mid-sized or large business, BigCommerce can help you build the right solution.

BigCommerce – Easily customizable

With BigCommerce, it is quite easy to customize your online store based on the client’s business demands. Here you can also customize the themes or even built one from scratch to give a unique look and feel to the business.

BigCommerce – One of the popular cloud-based platforms

BigCommerce is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that offers online store solutions to businesses by including outstanding features right at affordable costs. This has led to its increased popularity and today, more businesses are choosing it against other prominent players in the market.

Our capabilities

  • BigCommerce solution consultation by experts
  • Customized BigCommerce development to match business expectations
  • Timely and reliable support to nullify business hurdles

Here at Abbacus Technologies, we provide a BigCommerce consultation service to help your business develop the right solution. BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that can be used for a simple configuration-based solution to building a customized solution with complex features. Our team will try to understand the requirements of your business and will suggest a solution based on what kind of goals you have set. With years of experience in dealing with many businesses and gained expertise in using BigCommerce to its full extent, we have been able to advise our clients wisely with eCommerce solutions that will boost their revenue.

Here we have a dedicated team of BigCommerce developers who have the experience and skill set of handling eCommerce projects with different needs. Here we offer BigCommerce development by following a well-planned process and this helps us to serve our clients well. Moreover, our deep expertise in technology helps us to easily reach the expectations of our clients and deliver solutions that work equally well for those who have less or no knowledge of the technology.

We here offer proactive support services that help businesses to optimize their websites for better conversions and user experience. Again, to match with the changing market demands, we add in features incrementally which helps them to easily expand their boundaries without causing any troubles. Moreover, our support team is highly responsive which means they will start working on your critical issues immediately and resolve it before it affects your business.

BigCommerce development services we offer

BigCommerce web design

Here at Abbacus Technologies, we have a team of expert BigCommerce developers who are capable of designing BigCommerce solutions that compliments your business requirements. Our team can design visually attractive, responsive, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly websites that offer unmatched user experience.

PSD to Theme conversion

We have an excellent team of BigCommerce experts who are capable of PSD to theme conversion for your website in a pixel-perfect manner. Apart from that, our teamwork towards delivering a user-friendly and seamless mobile experience by turning themes responsive.

BigCommerce Theme development

Our team will come up with the most intuitive themes for your storefront that will offer it the required aesthetics. We will customize the theme in a way that improves the look and feel of your BigCommerce solution leading to increased engagement and revenue.

BigCommerce extension development

Our team can easily enhance the functionality of your store by integrating new plugins or modifying third-party extensions. Our team is capable of working on every kind of extension available in the market and this will help them deliver the business with the expected results.

Store migration

Now you can smoothly move your eCommerce store to the BigCommerce platform by leveraging the expertise of our team. Our team will ensure that your website does not face any downtime or data loss in the process.

Payment integration

Our team of experts will build reliable and secure payment gateways for your BigCommerce store. We will ensure that the payment gateway is easy to use and secure enough from any attacks that can compromise the information of customers.

BigCommerce API integrations

Our team of experts will offer you API integration and development service to scale your online store with added features by integrating needed APIs.

Maintenance & support service

Our team will monitor your store and assess its performance regularly to keep it functioning to its optimal level. We regularly look for glitches, errors, or even bugs and resolve them quickly to make sure the performance of your site remains top-notch.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

BigCommerce development company

BigCommerce development company

Abbacus Technologies is a leading BigCommerce development company known for offering excellent BigCommerce development services. Our knowledge of the technology and the skills of our team, together have helped us to serve clients well with amazing eCommerce store solutions. We focus mainly on client satisfaction and all our team efforts are towards helping you have an eCommerce solution build that is highly responsive, user-friendly, easy to use and has seamless navigation.

Right from project ideation to final deployment, our team will work alongside you to help you have the best eCommerce solution developed. Throughout our service, we make it a point to deliver quality solutions at affordable rates. We also offer post-development services to ensure your online store is glitch-free, error-free, and bug-free.

Our Process

Here at Abbacus Technologies, we are committed to delivering excellence and we reflect the same through our BigCommerce development solutions. We follow a step-by-step process with complete clarity of project progress.

Here we follow agile methodology for BigCommerce development which helps us to develop and test the eCommerce solution simultaneously. This way errors and bugs can be resolved quickly, thus reducing time to market.

Step 1 - Discover

To begin with, our team will start by brainstorming ideas for your project. The whole process involves coming up with assumptions and understanding the constraints to finally conceptualize the idea.

Step 2 - Define

Once the idea has been conceptualized, it is time to define and document the requirements of the project. Based on the set requirements, milestones will be set along with their timelines.

Step 3 - Design

At this stage, our team will design the website architecture and will design the wireframe and prototype to get a better idea of how the website will shape. The prototype of the website will be designed keeping basic features in mind. It will be then sent to the stakeholders for their feedback.

Step 4 - Develop

Once the prototype is approved by the stakeholders, it is then sent to the development team to code the project. The project is simultaneously tested for bugs and issues and resolved quickly by following agile development methodology.

Step 5 - Deliver

Once the development is completed without any errors then it is moved to the deployment environment. Our team also offers continuous support at the initial stage of deployment to identify and resolve issues.

Hire a dedicated team of BigCommerce developers

Over the years Abbacus Technologies has helped many organizations to get their retail business to an online platform as well as to migrate the existing store to BigCommerce for better growth. Here we have formed a strong team of BigCommerce developers who are well informed about the latest technologies and are capable to play a huge role in the digital transformation of clients’ businesses.

Our proper understanding of client businesses and their BigCommerce development needs has helped us to design a proper and flexible hiring plan. Businesses can easily follow them and hire dedicated BigCommerce developers as per their development requirements.

+ Years of Experience

Agile Project Development

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Transparency & Flexibility

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24x7 Days support

Certified Developers

Cost for a BigCommerce development project

Different factors play key roles in deciding the cost estimation for your eCommerce store development with BigCommerce. So based on what your project requires, the cost of your project can be estimated. So, in the case you are planning of developing your online store using BigCommerce, contact our team today to get a quote.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. I already have a website on BigCommerce. Can you help me update it?
  • Q2. Will you outsource any part of my BigCommerce development project?
  • Q3. Will you sign NDA with us before commencing the project?
  • Q4. Do I have to pay anything extra for project completion? Do you have any hidden charges?
  • Q5. Who will be providing me with regular project updates?

Yes. You can contact our team with your requirements and they will come up with a cost estimation for the work. Once approved from your end, our team will start with the update work.

No, we won’t. We have a strong in-house team of BigCommerce developers who are capable to handle all kinds of projects with the same level of attention and enthusiasm. Our team will be responsible and accountable for your project and we don’t require to outsource any part of it.

Yes. As a reputed BigCommerce development company, Abbacus Technologies fully understands your request for confidentiality of your documents and files. We will take full responsibility for your information and will sign and honor the NDA.

No, we don’t. The cost of your BigCommerce project will remain the same as per the estimation unless you have any mid-development add-ons. Everything will be explained to you right at the beginning and will be mentioned in the NDA document too.

Once you choose a dedicated BigCommerce developer from our team we will also allocate you a project manager to take care of all the communications and look after your project. He or she will be responsible to provide you a regular update on project progress.

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