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Apple's iOS 8: Everything You Need To Know About the New iPhone OS!

Apple's iOS 8: Everything You Need To Know About the New iPhone OS!

Technology brings us close to a new wonder every day. And we are sure by now many of you might have already downloaded iOS 8 while the rest are pondering over to understand what exactly is the 'New Thing' about this new iOS. Well, at a glance you may not be able to make out the differences iOS 8 brings in. But the fact is, it certainly does and that too in a much improved manner.

IOS 8 at a glance
ios8 in glance

The eighth major release of the iOS based mobile operating system that's designed by Apple Inc, the iOS 8 has come as the successor to its previous version, iOS 7. Announced at the Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference held on June 2, 2014, iOS 8 saw its release amidst much fanfare on September 17, 2014. With the new release have come some new apps.

Apple this year seems to have worked more on the features unlikely the previous expedition where they focused more on the looks. Upon using iOS 8, you will realize that now you are dealing with a much more proficient operating system on your classy iPhone or iPad. This time around, Apple has incorporated features that the power users have been hollering for but the regular ones are to find fabulously useful. iOS 8 truly has a lot than meets the eye. At one look, it will seem quite identical to iOS 7, but once you explore it, you realize it surely is more powerful and effective.

The Look & Feel
As said, visually the iOS 8 will only seem to be an extension of iOS 7 with a couple of added additions and some adjustments. Everything right from fonts to the color schemes, and the wallpaper choices are all same. As far its look and feel go, it barely sports any difference.

The New Features iOS 8 Offers:



The all-new iOS Photos app is only to double your love for clicking and getting snapped. Taking and editing photos will just be a matter of seconds. No matter what your skills are, Photos app lets you create some masterpieces. Photos can edit the pics you take giving them a brilliant look. It makes the composition perfect post the shoot. Photos can straighten horizons automatically. And the best part is the time-lapse videos that you can capture with the Camera.



iOS 8 provides you with an easy and convenient new way to respond back to all notifications. Using the shortcuts, you can reach out to people you talk often. There are time-saving features to manage your mail. Just a touch and everything will be under your radar. This certainly makes for a great user experience on iPhones, iPads and iPods, where a touch is simply magnificent.

A Smart Keyboard


iOS 8 brings to you the much awaited 'Quick Type' that allows you to type with ease, swiftness and to an extent, least of errors. It suggests you the words, reading in the sentence you type and thus helps in completing the sentences. It can even recognize to who you’re typing and if it's a message or a mail.

Family Sharing


Sharing with family is all the more exciting and easier. As close to six people in your family can now get to share their purchases from the iTunes and the App Store. Not just this, you can even keep up the photos, calendars, and more activities in loop amidst your family.

iCloud Drive


This is ought to be on exciting feature of iOS 8. You can now work on any file, from anywhere. Be it presentations, PDFs or any other file type, iCloud Drive helps you deal with them all. So whether you use a PC or Mac; it works for all.



The Health app works as a dashboard in order to connect the date related to your fitness and health from different apps. It has options for diagnostics, lab results, fitness, medications, vitals, sleep and more. You can also set up for an Emergency Card that will help paramedics to know about any allergy or medical condition.



The Handoff app allows the users to switch from apps or the websites to any other device that runs iOS or the OS X Yosemite. It even enables you to make and attend the iPhone phone calls on the iPad. All you need in order to make use of this feature is, stay on same Wi-Fi network.

The Setbacks

  • Updating to new apps comes as a difficulty as the 16GB iPhones go short of space when there are quite a handful of apps upgrade to be made.

  • iCloud Drive may sound great but it won't work unless you have Yosemite on Mac. It will break the functionality with your current iCloud document files. As of now, there hasn't been a date announced for OS X Yosemite. Time being, iCloud helps you in no way.

  • The calendar is still far from being perfect. Like the previous version of iOS 7, the iOS 8 will also retain the messages for long without discarding the older ones.

  • The iPhone calling integration is great but the audio quality needs a lot of improvement.

  • Despite the increased number of features, users won't be able to use one and all. Activation of these apps will take time.

  • The newer and greater features have now paved way for some great new bugs.

  • There is no public transit directions available in the Maps.

  • Users have been hitting a snag as far as freeing the storage space in order to download the new system is concerned.

facetime android support


one of the keen thing to know about new iOS would be whether its supporting facetime for pc and facetime android app or not as there has been very long waiting for facetime cross platform supports.


iOS 8 vs. iOS 7



As stated above as well, as far as the looks and appeal are concerned; the two certainly show up no remarkable difference. However, as far as the features are concerned, iOS 8 does have an edge given the improvements it has brought in the existing functions along with the additional features it has got in like the Health app, Handoff and so on.

Coming to the performance, there can hardly be any major difference in the manner the two would work. With the added features and enhanced functionality, iOS 8 for sure is looking for a success ride. But the frame rates between these two versions of iOS will hardly have any difference.

The major worry for most of the people wanting to upgrade to iOS will be their iPhones or iPads running down slowly. Well, this is something bound to happen with the oldest backed devices at each iOS revision. With the vast array of new features, upgrading to iOS 8 won't be much of a brainstorming deal for the iPhone users. As it happens in all cases, some of the features will stand useful than others as per the situation. The choice is certainly yours!

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