Why & When Abbacus chooses Android as
right technology for the development

Android – Get better access of everything around you

Right from developing apps for mobile devices to wearables, introducing innovative technologies like IoT and AI – Android now helps businesses and users across the globe get better access to everything, everywhere.

Android – Large number of free apps

Google Play Store contains large number of free apps and games. This means users have thousands of Android apps to download and use without spending any money.

Android – A window of possibilities

Android can help you build mobile applications for wide range of smartphones, devices and appliances. It can be easily used across different industries for delivering better user experiences.

Reasons to choose Android app development

  • Customizable user interface
  • Leads to simple integration
  • Social media integration
  • Higher potential for innovation
  • Compatible with many devices

With Android now you can have customized and dynamic apps. Such apps are easy to manage too. With more focus on creating customized user interface by Google, Android developers are now encouraged to work in the direction of creating custom apps.

Enterprises have different departments and processes and having separate processes means you will need to put in more efforts to maintain them. With Android apps now businesses can easily reach their audience base and optimize their experience without spending more on marketing. Such apps are simple to integrate and can offer smoother flow of information through the business.

With Android platform, social media integration becomes easier. Today, social media presence has turned out to be an important factor for all kinds of businesses whether small or big. For being part of a competitive marketplace social media optimization is important and Android apps can help you with such integration with ease.

As compared to other app platforms, Android is flexible and this also includes its policy to include app on the Play Store. This offers more freedom and flexibility to the developers to experiment and create something innovative. Such kind of app development helps developers to build apps that can add value to the life of users like never before.

One of the main reasons why Android is quite popular in the market is its ability to run across many devices as compared to competitor platforms. Owing to this, manufacturers are also interested to build devices that are compatible with Android. This means the number of Android users are evidently high across the globe.

Android Services We Offer

Custom android application development

Our Android developers are capable enough to build scalable and flexible Android solutions. Our expertise lies in creating tailor-made apps for different industries spread across the world. We help your business get a reliable voice on mobile platform while being part of the Store with numerous apps.

Android app development consultation

Android applications satisfy the customer expectations of a set user base. At Abbacus Technologies, our Android team will help your business to fulfil those expectations by aligning with those ideas. Our consultants will work closely with you to suggest solution that can take your store to the top.

Android UI/UX design

Android is one of the largest mobile ecosystems that operates over wide range of devices. Our Android designers have the expertise of designing exceptional UIs for Android apps that will help you create memorable user experiences for all devices.

Android app testing service

We believe in creating future-ready Android solutions and will ensure that by carrying out automated and manual testing. Our team will come up with excellent testing strategies formed around your sprints so that testing results can be passed on to the team and issues can be resolved quickly before launching the app.

Multi-platform deployment

At Abbacus Technologies, we deliver Android apps that has seamless deployment and integration features. Our Android app developers can help you choose the right platform and be available there to help with the deployment.

Arrange for free discovery call

We will understand your requirement and will suggest best features for your store.

Android development company

Android development company

Abbacus Technologies is a leading Android app development company that builds and delivers reliable, dynamic, and high-performance Android apps. We build apps for startups, SMBs, and huge enterprises. Through our app development services, we try to add value to the business belonging to different niches.

Our Android app development is not limited to smartphones, rather to a wide range of devices and appliances. We develop custom Android apps that meets the requirements set by our business clients. Over the years we have formed a team of expert Android developers and together we have developed a strong portfolio of successful Android apps.

Our Process

Here at Abbacus Technologies we provide end-to-end Android app development services to our business clients. Now this includes everything right from business analysis to full-cycle Android app development, then app testing to launching it on Play Store.

Whether it is about developing a new app for a new smartphone or other connected devices or simply updating the existing one, we offer a range of services that meets your business requirements.

Step 1 - Ideation and planning

In the first step, Android team at Abbacus Technologies will start by understanding your app idea and the objectives you want to achieve with it. To begin with, our team will come up with a clear plan and detailed insight and will create design for each page for the app while keeping the flow in mind. Then we will create prototype use wireframes.

Step 2 - Design and development

Now we will start by working on the visual side of the app by adding in required features, graphics and icons. Simultaneously, we will start by adding in server-side elements and other required functions to the app as a part of app development.

Step 3 - Testing and QA

During the testing phase our team looks for bugs and errors in the Android app so that it can be rectified soon. Our QA team will come up with necessary processes that can help them check app performs in terms of quality before it is launched on Play Store.

Step 4 - Deploying app

Once it has been confirmed that the app has been developed properly without issues, it is deployed on the Play Store by our team. This means the app will be available for your customers to download and for you to monetize it.

Hire a Dedicated Team
of Android Developer

Here at Abbacus Technologies we have a skilled team of Android app developers who have developed successful Android apps for our business clients over the years. Our Android app developers have years of experience in developing fully-customized, scalable, stable, and functional apps that can easily accommodate different Android devices.

Based on the project requirements, business clients can hire Android developers from us accordingly. You can either have a dedicated team hired to work along with you, or go for a lump sum option where the services will be covered for a fixed amount or go for a billing option where developers will be billed per hour for their work.

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Cost to develop Android project

It is not possible to say the exact cost for Android development project. Android app development is influenced by many factors like the required features, project deadline, needed man-hours, expertise of resources, tools needed, and much more. If you wish to get a cost estimation for your project, contact our team today.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. How do you allocate resources for my Android app development project?
  • Q2. Will you sign NDA to assure my app idea remains confidential?
  • Q3. Will your team assist us to upload the app on Android Play Store?
  • Q4. Who will own the legal rights for the Android app developed by you?
  • Q5. What if I plan to modify the app once it has been launched on the Play Store?

We have a team of experts who are well-versed with the process of project analysis. So, they will begin by analyzing your app idea, its industry and the technology stack required for the same. Once the industry is known then we will assign you the right SME who has a previous experience of working in the same industry.

Yes. We understand how critical it is for you to keep your app idea secretive and so will sign NDA with you even before the first call for discussion.

Yes. We offer end-to-end Android app development services and publishing the app on the Play Store is a part of it. So, it comes without saying that we will take complete responsibility of uploading your app on the Play Store.

Here you will have complete legal right on the app developed by us. All the development done for the app will be your sole property.

Our Android app development team will assist you to make the necessary modifications as per your wish. However, this will be a chargeable service.

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