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10 points for web design to add wow factor

10 points for web design to add wow factor

The visual tweaks can help your website to go directly to the visitors’ hearts, as it is simple to navigate, and filled with imagery & color that’s very warm, inviting & makes the connection.


1. Pick One Action & Make it Very Obvious :

When a visitor arrives at the home page of the website for the first time, so what action you will take in reaction to what they have find there? It can be:

  •     Purchase your product
  •     Sign up for free email course
  •     Fill out a form requesting about information
  •     Contact you for consultation
  •     Download your paper, free report or case study
  •     Focus on the Content with Right Fonts

2. Focus on the Content with Right Fonts :

You would like people to read the words that you have written, or stay on your webpage for as long as possible. Make this simple for them just by using typefaces, which are simple to read.

3. Direct Their Eyes to Bold Subheads :

The web surfers skim web pages instead read them in good detail. Some of the people think it is the reflection of the short attention spans, television & Attention Deficit Disorder.

4. Use Color And Make It Little Cozy :

You may be a bit intimidated by the color, however there is not any reason to be. Sure, it is simple to get this wrong, however taking the time to get this right is one of the best things that you do on the website.

5. Find Images That Will Convey Feeling :

The thought provoking image will draw more people in to your text. Suppose you accompany an image with caption, it is better! The studies have also shown that the captions are highly read text on the page.

6. Boring to Wow :

Your website may not be where you would like it to be at present. However you can create “wow” factor just by spicing this up with the clearer navigation, cozy colors, readable content, or compelling images.

7. Have Focal Point :

The well designed website guides you to a focal point and point where visitors must focus all their attention.

8. Give User Control :

Most of the people like to be in control of the environment – the roller coasters or other theme rides are an exception! Same is true for web page. The lack of control will lead to the stress and leads to the poor user experience.

9. Using Whitespace :

Whitespace helps to define the focal point, however it makes information on page little more readable.

10. Don’t Confuse the Minimalism with Boring-ism :

The minimalism does not need to be web design equivalent of Calculus. You may apply minimalism on your design & stand out.

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