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20 Effective Tips to Reward Your Regular Visitors on Your eCommerce Website

20 Effective Tips to Reward Your Regular Visitors on Your eCommerce Website

The world of e-commerce business is growing at a rapid pace. With the tremendous growth online business has gained over the past few years, it has even set for itself high standards of competition. While the e-commerce websites make all effort to lure the target customers to drive revenue, increase social media stature, and build a trustworthy user base but most overrule the relevance of acknowledging their frequent visitors.

Well, this is one grave mistake they all make. A successful e-commerce site is one that rewards its repeat visitors. Such websites influence many and have the pick of their sales from ardent customers. If you too aim at being a successful and noted e-commerce site, then here check out these 20 essential ways of rewarding your repeat visitors and build a loyal following. This even makes the customers feel valued. So, here have a look:

20 Effective Ways to reward your frequent visitors

1. Build a Point-Based Reward Program

If you want to win customer loyalty, then one sure shot way is to introduce the point-based loyalty scheme. However, while you do, keep in mind that the point system is to attract the customers to stay connected with your product or service. Don't make it a perplexed one that would apparently leave the customers confused and they might even back out.

For instance, if you look at the loyalty system of Forever 21, one of leading e-commerce hub, they reward their loyal customer base with membership rewards. Yogurtland real Rewards allows its frequent customers to earn 1 for every ounce they purchase. The more ounces purchased, more are the points they earn.


Tips You Can Use

  • Whatever value of points you plan to set up, ensure that it stand simple and without any complication. It shouldn't be something like 17 points is worth 0.5$.

  • Clearly mention how the customer can exchange the points for rewards. Refrain from rolling out any mystery reward.

2. Arrange for Live Q&A Session

When you hold for a live Q&A session, it demonstrates the ability of your brand to collect direct input from the repeat visitors and act to their requests in just no time. You can host this session on your site's landing page, the social media profiles of the stores, or even when its offline.

Babyology, a leading portal to catering to babies and stuff related to them, helds the Q&A panel with child care expert Annabel Karmel. This helps new parents to seek answer for many of their doubts related to infancy.


Tips You Can use

  • Offer a distinct way for the ardent visitors to submit all their questions. This apparently boosts the number of participation.

  • Fix on the date and time for the Live Q&A session, make sure you fix on the duration also so that the customers have an idea how much of time will they be utilizing for the same.

  • Set reminders on your site along with a pop-up tool that will continue till the Q&A session day. This will allow the frequent visitors to plan their questions and be prepared for the session.

3. Provide Free Shipping

Shipping is indeed one of the crucial factors taken into count by the e-commerce visitors before making a purchase from the site. Offering a free shipping to the frequent visitors can surely appease them leading to more of visits from them in the near future. A free shipping always encourages the customers to make a purchase and that too in frequent intervals.

Walmart offers Free Shipping to all its products and there are no hidden clauses or terms of use. The return policy is also deprived of any charges and has thus helped the site build in a loyal customer base.


Tips You Can Use

  • You can make the repeat visitors subscribe to your site's membership in order to avail free shipping.
  • Build minimum order verges if you happen to be a small brand not capable of affording free shipping on all the products.
  • If you feel giving free shipping won't be a possible thing, offer the loyal visitors a flat rate shipping in order to keep the whole process very simple.

4. Build the Bond between Brand & Customers

This is very important, until and unless there is a connection between the customers and the brand, your site would never be able to build the loyal base. You can do this by simply offering your frequent visitors a fair chance of being the face of your site.

Tips You Can Use

  • Build an application process for all your repeat visitors which they need to sign up as candidates. Promote the same using the various social media platforms, the website and email.

  • Be clear with your expectations so as to refrain from any backlash.

5. Provide with Privileged Vision

Build a sub-section of the site and let it stay exclusive for the repeat visitors. You can even offer them some exclusive vision via email newsletters. It’s one easy and inexpensive way of rewarding the visitor loyalty and generating a buzz about the brand.

Net-A-Porter sends out some amazing newsletters to all its loyal customers making them aware about the new arrivals, the latest promotions and offers.


Tips You Can Use

  • Diversify the content and let it be less obvious.

  • Keep it limited and offer only privileged access.

6. Don't Miss out the Special Days

The best of thanking your loyal customers is to be a part of their special days. Wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. This will help in building an emotional connect. Send them some short messages or exclusive greetings, it will surely be a great add on to your customer base.

Asos, the online fashion store, sends to its customers gift vouchers to make a special purchase on account of their birthday or other important event.



  • The greeting must be warm and subject line needs to be personalized.

  • Also be considerate about the time zone where your visitor lives.

7. Welcome the Feedback, Make Space for It

Customers love to be asked of their opinions about the products they buy frequently and when they are asked for feedback, they take keen interest in the brand and the product so offered. It creates a positive image of your brand.

Usability Tools provides the customers with a feedback form that helps the repeat visitors in putting across their thoughts and experience with the website as a whole.

Tips You Can Use

  • Collect opinion on things that you don't sell directly.

  • Allow the visitors to collect their thoughts at their level of comfort.

  • Consider their opinions

8. Provide Palpable Value

Research suggests that most users expect a tangible value while interacting with brands via social media. The best way of doing so it to offer the regular users some promos and discounts.

Sephora comes up with some exclusive beauty deals for all the likes they get via Facebook. They even offer special gifts to customer who like their promotional page.


Tips You Can Use

  • The offer must be tangible.

  • Match the offers with the emotional tone of the visitors.

9. Involve in Casual Conversations

Involving with your loyal customer base in some candid conversation is also one great way of rewarding them. You can reply to their comments on the social media pages and initiate conversation with them. Visitors today want to express and if you can listen to their talks, they will never be thinking of bouncing away.

Tesco Mobile is one site to look up at, which is always seen in engaging in some healthy and frank talks with its visitor base.


Tips You Can Use

  • Indulge in talking about the present events, and customer interests.

  • Keep the interaction regular basis.

10. Featuring the Visitors on Brand's Social Media Pages

The regular visitors are sure going to love when they see themselves feature on your brand's social media profiles. It's a great way of establishing engagement, and it even humanizes your brand.

Johnson's baby has been following this strategy on its Facebook page quite effectively. It invites the baby photos from the parents who shop with their brand thus making them a part of their big family.


Tips You Can Use

  • Visitors should be made aware of this via email and social media announcements.

  • Ask them to submit their location along with a profile photo.

11. Empower Your Visitors

Empowering your frequent visitors is also a great way of rewarding their loyalty. You can offer chances to try out your product and make a purchase when satisfied.

Oscar Wylee allows its customers to have the eye glasses tried at home without any cost or hidden charges. They can then make the purchase after being sure of the product and its quality.


Tips You Can Use

  • Keep it very simple by sending the product to visitor's place

  • Share about the same on the website and social media profiles.

12. A Chance to Do Something for the Community

You can even allow the regular visitors to do their bit for society. Help them in donating to some non-profit organization, or to the needy or people affected by natural disasters. You can act as a great medium out here.

Johnson & Johnson can be looked up to for this as well. They have this program running since long that allows parents to donate used toys and other kids related stuff.


Tips You Can Use

  • Let the visitors understand your connection with the community.

  • Be very clear with the whole idea of fund donation.

13. Host Appreciation Events for Loyal Visitors

Such events allow you to show your gratitude to all the recurrent visitors. You can conduct these appreciations events either on web or offline. However, it will depend on the budget and nature of your business.

Aveda Institutes South arranges for visitor appreciation and belts out some exciting offers and discounts on their products and services.


Tips You Can Use

  • Excitement must be created by posting images.

  • You can even use evocative visual elements.

  • The even should be promoted on different social media.

14. Give Early Access to New Arrivals

You will for sure have some new line of products coming in every now and then. Giving access of them to your repeat visitors at an early stage can be a great way of rewarding your loyal visitors.

Koovs follows this quite effectively. It sends out promotional messages to its repeat visitors and give them a fair chance of accessing the new arrivals earlier than others. Not just they get an early access but are even entitled to various offers and discounts.


Tips You Can Use

  • The messages must be rolled out early

  • The access window must be kept small for prompt quick action

15. Host Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes happen to be a subset of effective content marketing that allow loyal visitors to connect and interact with your brand and get intrinsic reward in return.

Tips You Can Use

  • Send emails and social notifications to repeat visitors.

  • Create short video clips displaying the prizes.

16. Feature Testimonials

Testimonials too play a major role in prompting a visitor to buy your product or avail your services. Therefore, you will have to keep enough space for client testimonial that would give a genuine idea about your brand and its value.

Build Tools has some wonderful client testimonials from clients across the globe. This has helped it build a rapport among the visitors.

Tips You Can Use

  • Visit or email the visitors post-purchase.

  • You can even make video of the testimonial. Visitors would love to see themselves on the site and it would be more rewarding.

  • Your chosen visitors may not have much to say, so it would be better to keep things easy.

17. Offer Free or Discounted Subscription

If you have paid subscription of newsletters or exclusive section of the sites, make sure to offer it at a discounted price to your regular visitors. It will indeed be a valuable reward for them.

Business Today offers a subscription of 3 years for Rs 2495 instead of its regular Rs 3120. It has helped gain more of customers.


Tips You Can Use

  • Highlight the free or discount offer.

  • Add subscription option in the email, social media profiles, the website, and mobile apps.

  • Remind your regular visitors about the benefits of subscription.

18. Plan Surprises

Always make efforts to surprise your regular visitors and make the shopping a memorable experience. You will have to set the expectation bar high by providing something both above and beyond what they might have thought.

Tips You Can Use

  • The offer has to be unexpected, but meaningful.

  • Make it available at random.

  • Customize it for your frequent visitors and enhance their experience.

19. Offer Special Level of Service

Some of your regular visitors might be the sole reason behind the large traffic on your website, increased sales, as well as profits. Reward them with some preferential service terms, which can either be waving the minimum purchase quantity or offering customer support going out of the box.

Tips You Can Use

  • Identify what visitors need as a service using a survey or questionnaire.

  • Let it be once in a lifetime experience.

  • Try to resolve the complaints in order to make them feel rewarded.

20. Give Them a Reason to Feel at Home

It's not necessary that the rewards for your regular visitors always have to have some monetary value. You can even consider to help them with something they wish to do online, or by simply spreading a smile on their face. It's quite like making them feel at home.

Tips You Can Use

  • Match your visitor's persona with the value they care about.

  • You can even partner with a different brand to provide something very valuable at lesser price.


The success of your e-commerce business will extremely depend on the repeat visitors. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you reward them in the right manner. You can make one among all the above methods or blend a couple to bring out the desired way of rewarding your loyal visitors!

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