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Why to hire a web design agency instead of freelancer?

Why to hire a web design agency instead of freelancer?




What is good for your organization–the website design agency or freelancer? Differences between two can be significant, however answer depends on an individual requirements.

First step in answering the question is to start to define the project. You can start with making the list of all your needs for the site and needs of the organization. By defining your requirements, it can be simple to communicate with the prospective website designer (no matter whether they’re the agency, boutique company or freelancer)


Complete Flexibility:

In the terms of bigger projects, generally agencies are well equipped in dealing with the broader range of the client requirements. These requirements might include the long term support (to have technical, marketing, design, as well as account team members accessible), capability of supporting bigger technical needs, ability of supporting various design needs, and so on. Definitely, there’re a few super start freelancers that produce some amazing work.

Launch & post launch support can often be neglected in request for the proposal. When you interview freelancers or agencies, first know your requirements for your website and long-term needs


  • Are you having your processes for generating the website traffic?
  • What type of post-launch requirements you will have?
  • Can you go back to a freelancer or firm in future for the expansions to your website or make the iterative changes?
  • What happens in case your web server gets offline? Will you feel comfortable and have bandwidth in dealing with web hosting company & issues involved with the website of your type?
  • Do you maintain website in months after launches?


Getting it right:

While working with an agency or freelance web site designer, it’s recommended to tell your needs and intentions very clearly from the starting. Some clients might not be well organized in beginning of your project, however this may hurt their client more than web designer. Suppose web designer can know the needs and purpose of a website, they are well equipped to give the correct solution.


In the terms of costing, freelancers will be less costly overall. They don’t have to support the staff, support the facilities and infrastructure that the agency will maintain. The freelancers can be a best option for the small businesses or solo entrepreneurs if pricing is an important factor. For a lot of businesses, cost isn’t an only factor. Performance, quality, support, design and technology can also be important factors.


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