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What is Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) ? - Current & Changing Scenario

What is Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) ? - Current & Changing Scenario

Mobile business intelligence as the term indicates is the way of accessing the BI data from your Smartphone’s. This concept came into existence in the early 1990’s when mobiles were first introduced in the market. Since then this industry has grown at a rapid pace with new mobile applications being developed for the ease of the users.

There is no doubt that the mobile business intelligence has led to many advancements and better solutions coming your way. Now you can create an office environment wherever you are just with a single click. This has definitely brought about a huge revolution and that is why newer technologies are being used to overcome the challenges of the past and offer a better experience to the people.



Changing Scenario:

Over the time, mobile bi has brought about a huge difference in the way you access the data from your Smartphone’s. The change in technology has been the biggest reason for this changing scenario with better mobile apps being introduced for a wonderful user experience. Gone are the days when one used to experience a lot of problems with the data speed and accessing it consumed a lot of time. But today, things are different and all credit goes to the advance bi mobile technology which has brought a big change. Better apps are being enjoyed by the users and the experience has been just incredible. Thus, you can say that things have changed to a large extent and that is why its popularity is increasing day by day.


The mobile bi (this means business intelligence) gives you the facility to access the data anywhere and at anytime. Even the remote devices have reduced the problem to a great extent as now can enjoy the services on the go. This is the reason that the users are able to enjoy countless applications and that too with a single click. Whether you are using the business applications or the personal ones, both are just incredible and offering a mind-blowing experience to the people.

Present Scenario:

Today, the users can access the different applications in two ways, either they can make use of the mobile browser or they can also use the native application designed for a specific purpose. Also special attention is given to the aspect that the applications run on different operating systems without creating any problem. The software industry is trying its best to come up with newer applications that meet the expectations of the people and offer them an incomparable experience. An effort is being made to transform the mobile world into a better one so that everyone can enjoy the faster and newer apps.

The need to develop real time apps is on rise and therefore the companies have to understand this requirement. The real time apps are not only fabulous but the demand of the users, that is why the developers have to smart enough to come up with something that is unique and loved by the people. So look forward to a better mobile bi world waiting for you.

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