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Steps to Follow Before Building a Mobile App

Steps to Follow Before Building a Mobile App

You woke up suddenly in a middle of night and had great idea for amazing app — you may picture it, and you know it’s very useful, and can imagine many people want it, too. Suppose this is the first app development attempt, then here is the brief guide at how to make your project a successful one!

Consideration Before Building Mobile App

Define Your Goal:

To have great idea is a starting point in every new project. Prior to you go straight in detailing though, clearly you must define mission and purpose of your mobile app. What it will do? What is the core appeal and what concrete problem it will solve? Defining the clear goal for an app will to help you to get there much faster. They earlier pursued the long term strategy of creating the platform, instead just using the pay upfront and subscription model.

Start Sketching:

Just by developing the sketches you’re laying a foundation for the future interface. Here you can visually conceptualize main features & approximate structure and layout of the application. Having first rough sketch in your app helps everybody in your team to understand their mission. The sketches must get used as the reference for next phase of project.


The research has 4 main purposes:

  •     Find the design inspiration for app.
  •     Find whether there’re other mobile apps doing same thing.
  •     Find how you may market & monetize the app.
  •     Find info on technical needs for the app


Whereas you might think that you’ve the revolutionary idea, get your thoughts crushed very fast. There’re over 1 million of Android and iOS apps, thus building something that has not been done earlier is almost impossible. Nevertheless you should not get totally discouraged by people who are playing in same arena.It’s very important you focus on own project & user acquisition.

You can learn from key features as well as mistakes of the competitors, and drop other thoughts in them. There’s the great marketplace for the designers named Dribbble. The designers make use of Dribbble for showcasing their work to people for the feedback as well as to get little inspiration from the fellow artists.

It’s probably the favorite place where you can look for some great and creative ideas about the design and the implementation. What many do not realize is Google Play is certainly not an only Android Market & not all charge any fee.

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