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An artistically designed website by a our company helps in conveying the message effectively to the target audience. we will provide a team of creative; designers; developers; content writers and a customer services personnel to make sure everything works smoothly and hassle free. We will also analyze your objectives, plan a strategy with you and understand what you desire from your website.

Website is like a virtual mirror of an organization along with its offerings to its customers. Every minute details must be taken care of so that it gets optimized as per the search engine needs and also looks attractive. Taking the help of expert website developers add to the mass appeal of a website.

The professionals in E-commerce web designing can guarantee future success of your business activities online. The designs are generally attractive enough to grab the attention of potential buyer or customer. This is possible with the help of web advisors, web designers and web programmers and all these from just one e-commerce web design company.

We are an software and web development company specialized in development of todays hand held devices ranging from iphone, ipad to android applications. Our team is having all required knowledge for development of applications with iphone SDK 3.0 and Android 2.0. With our experienced in mobile application development we can put you and your company ahead of your competitors and can give edge to your business.

Marketing plays a vital role in the development of any enterprise; however, in some cases it plays second fiddle to other obligations. A marketing plan is essential to give the right direction to any business. Market plans should be continuously modified as and when then are policy changes in the business. We are involved in development of website marketing plans which gives a boost to your business and gives it a cutting edge over others.

Flash multimedia is highly useful, powerful and flexible medium to express a business. It some times misused by a art driven designer to chalk out a costly modern art instead of its effeciency in business tools. The Business centric flash design is anything but typical. By innovative combination of programming functions and world class creative multimedia you will make a sound business..

All the projects at Abbacus start with the project definition because we believe that “If a project is clearly defined means half the task is done.”


Clear definition of the project is possible, only from the interaction with the client, as the client is the only person, who knows what he wants. The project definition process starts with the kick off meeting with the client, either face to face or online, where the client briefs our team about the project. All the business requirements are collected by team of our business analysts, using simple tools like requirements gathering form etc.


Once the business requirements are clear, our team heads to transform those business requirements to the technical specifications, and time and cost for the project is been decided. The initial maintenance plan is also been prepared at this time and communicated to the client.

Once the project is defined clearly, our team starts working on it, by preparing the site structure. The creation of site structure includes preparation of site functionality document that defines all the functional modules expected to be the part of the project. After the preparation of the functional outline, we head towards the wireframe preparation. Wireframes are a great tool and we use them in all our projects because it allows us to focus the discussion on structure and strategy without getting distracted by colors, typography and other “polish” details that will come later. It also helps us easily identify weaknesses in our own flows and thinking, and serves as a great tool to make mid-flight adjustments along the way. The wireframe is then sent to the client for approval.

Once the wireframe is approved, the project enters the designing phase, where our expert designing team holds the meeting and decides on the designing aspects of the project. Our creative designing team drafts visual design, which is sent to the client for feedback. After the feedback from the client design is refined if needed and the changes are made till the approval from the client. And finally on the approval from the client, the design gets selected.

The design once selected, the website enters its development phase where the technical specifications are verified from the client and refined if needed. The project timeline is reviewed and adjusted according the changes made. The new timeline is then again communicated to the client, and thereafter the development of the project starts. The development takes place module wise which are unit tested by our development team.


All the subsystems built and tested are then integrated together into one system to ensure that the system works as expected. The project once integrated completely is sent for Testing.

Once the project enters the testing phase, it gets tested against various criteria and for various scenarios. Our QA and testing experts test the functionality at various levels in software testing. Unit, system and user acceptance testing are often performed. The project is also tested on various browsers and bug report is prepared for the internal use of the company. The bugs are fixed by the development team and the project is retested for the existing bugs or any new bugs if introduced at the time of fixing the issues. After passing through the testing phase, the project is ready to be released.

The project after passing through the testing phase is ensured to be complete and correct and hence ready to be deployed at the client’s server and go live. The maintenance plan that was been agreed upon gets implemented thereafter.