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10 Reasons to Develop Mobile CRM at Enterprise Level

10 Reasons to Develop Mobile CRM at Enterprise Level

“Mobile CRM or mCRM” (Mobile Customer Relationship Management) is a process that lets the remote employees of a company to use mobile devices to efficiently access and interact the customers they serve.

An enterprise is a well coordinated business with diverse functions managed together with a common financial base and a set of common core rules. It provides a coordinated service to its clients regardless of any boundary and provides insight to the benefits of “Mobile CRM” Mobile phones are been considered as the direct avenues of the marketing products or services by the contemporary marketers. Actually, smart devices have the great impact on way businesses keep the customer informed about their products and service or to launch new product.

Accelerates business performance:

Provide simplified, efficient, organized sales processes that ensure every job is well followed-up and provides single-access-point for contacts, Memoranda, day-plans, traveling-plans and sales-reports etc. This will give gear to your business processes and drag your business positively ahead.

Profit and customer preference targeted marketing:

Organized information-set allows in efficient customer categorization for business-promotion-campaigns, reducing unnecessary budgets, efforts and time. This is how you can niche your marketing with being specific and save economical values for your agency and business by controlling on budget and expenses.

Exceptional customer service:

  • Identifying customer preferences
  • Understanding client's requirement
  • Ensure quick feedback


Business forecasting and sales quota management:

Frequent business-updates and real-time access to the business data, helps in managing sales plans and forecasting.

Business forecasting is important because you must need to know that what is going on in nature of your business. What new trends or news are coming in form of updates which you can utilize later on with interconnecting same with your business.

Sales quote management is also one of the important process for managers to understand sales and make sure sales processes are technically in flow with marketing and other divisions.

Self planning and performance evaluation for employees:

Provides employees to plan their work ahead, even between busy meetings and allows end-of-day self performance evaluation. This module can help you to map and identify performance and capability of employees so you can provide them task as per there capability and also arrange it in Task Management.

Flexible and secure deployment:

Provides security to client and business data. At the end what matter in a project is Security is. Mobile CRM is very secure to go where you can manage client's data as well your data too with high level security and passwords/

Access to the data even at offline mode:

Even without internet data can be accessed analyzed and evaluated.
Mobile CRM creates offline database in a backend in iOS, Android or any of your mobile os. To access that data for insert, update and delete and remaining other operation it is not necessary for you to enable your internet. You can view and access your data on offline to and make changes in offline mode and that changes will get live on web server when you will on your internet. Mobile CRM is flexible and works for you even when internet is not there.

Customized, personalized system according to the business requirements:

Customization is always been a part of process. Any data you have in your Mobile CRM must be customized in well nature. If it's not properly customized and personalized accordingly than you may face data trouble. This could be easily solved with Mobile CRM as in Mobile CRM it creates separate business level customized module when you can filter and process different database as per different devision.

For example :

  1. You can group sales employee's database.
  2. You can mail all your marketing team.
  3. You can create a new rule for purchase department.
  4. You can perform any 360 degree management level operation. and list goes on/

Further Mobile CRM ensures Stronger sales and service teams, Increased productivity with less effort and Invaluable business benefits adding more value for the CRM investment. Actually, a trick lies in discovery of the ways to extract personal data from customers. Enterprise mobile application consultants or app developers must be very creative to implement these strategies to make the users to participate in giving necessary data that can be of any help to improve their business.

There’re some other good examples in gaming apps, which make this very compulsory for users to give some of the personal data prior to entering premium levels of the games. Even though the mobile app strategists are trying for it to extract data from customers.

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