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Google Comes up with New Strategy, Ranking Boost To Secure the HTTPS/SSL Sites

Google Comes up with New Strategy, Ranking Boost To Secure the HTTPS/SSL Sites

Google Announces to Give Ranking Boost to the Secure Sites


Coming up with a new strategy, Google has decided to give a ranking boost to the secure sites. The giant search engine recently made an announcement that going HTTPS, addition of a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on a site, will now give the sites a minor boost in the ranking.

As per Google, this will give the websites a minor ranking benefit, which will only be counted as quite a lightweight signal as far as the entire ranking algorithm is concerned. Google also stated that this new strategy carries lesser weight as compared to the other signals like high-quality content. Having conducted certain tests and based on the results they obtained, Google added that it will have an impact on less than 1% of the global queries but even added in future they might decide to strengthen up this signal as they wish to encourage the website owners to make a switch from HTTP to HTTPS in order to to ensure the safety of all on the web.

Google even said that the HTTPS came up with some positive results as far as the authenticity and ranking in the Google search results are concerned. It is to note that, at SMX West, Google's search spam head, Matt Cutts had stated that he’d by all means love to make SSL a promising ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. And it's interesting to see that just five months down the line, Google is on its way to turn the thought into a reality.

HTTPS and SEO Concerns


Apparently, switching from the current HTTP to HTTPS website in regards to SEO will surely be a matter of concern for all. But if go by Google's words, there is nothing to worry much. Google has been reported to have told the webmasters that doing so will be absolutely safe. However, as a website owner, you will have to take the right steps to make sure that your site's traffic doesn’t go for a toss.

This clearly indicates to communicate to Google that your website has switched to HTTPS. Google has given the word of promise to bring out more documentation in regards to this entire procedure very soon in the near future. However, for now, you can rely on the given tips as suggested by Google:

  • Choose on the certificate kind you want, single, multi-domain, or a wildcard certificate.

  • Make use of the 2048-bit key certificates.

  • Make use of the relative URLs for resources residing on similar secure domain.

  • You must use the protocol relative URLs for all the other domains.

  • Abstain from blocking the HTTPS site from crawling making use of the robots.txt.

  • You will have to let the indexing of your website pages by search engines whereever possible. The noindex robots meta tag has to be avoided.

Google certainly talks high of its new HTTPS, but it will take some time to evaluate as to how successful these claims will be. But for now, it's time to prepare your websites for HTTPS.

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