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Facebook's Audience Network, A Boon to Advertisers and Developers!

Facebook's Audience Network, A Boon to Advertisers and Developers!


After launching the mobile Like Button and making it available for all, Facebook is next targeting its ads. The Facebook Audience Network, which was announced at F8 in the month of April 2014, has now been made available to the world.

The All New Facebook Ad Network

This novel ad network allows Facebook to serve up the targeted ads to the worldwide mobile users by making use of their Facebook data as a method to target particular interests or demographics. It also allows the advertisers to extend all of their Facebook ad campaigns into various other applications. The Facebook Audience Network is all set to lock horns with Google's AdMob advertising network. Given the fact that Facebook has more of personal data on the users to what Google has, it could provide the advertisers with better and enhanced targeting options.

As Facebook is already running its ads on many other websites by means of its Atlas advertising platform, one can even expect to see extremely targeted Facebook ads everywhere. It can prove to be helpful, noting the fact that ads based on user's personal data are likely to appeal more to him or her.

Facebook will now for sure enjoy being the middle man as its Audience Network will bridge the gap amidst the developers and the advertisers.

Advantage to Developers: More Money by Targeting

Developers desire to display ads in their apps in order to churn money. However, while doing so they just don't wish to hire a sales team of their own or deal with any technical overhead. Prior to this new Audience Network, the whole process clearly meant working with the self-reliant ad networks who sell the ad inventory in their respective apps. But considering the very fact that all these ad networks came with limited information concerning the identities of the audience they were reaching out, the ads apparently weren’t targeted properly. The ads failed to resonate, generate enough number of clicks and qualify leads to demand high rates from the advertisers.

The Audience Network by Facebook pipes in its supreme ad targeting as well as the enormous supply of around 1.5 million active advertisers. In order to initiate running ads and receiving money, the developers just need to install the SDK of Facebook. This will give a detailed understanding as to what’s all happening on your mobile phone.

Assisting the developers with advertising can even make them to integrate more of developer tools from Facebook like the social log-in, sharing options, or the Parse’s back-end services. These all will aid Facebook to collect more data in regards to the users, News Feed content and also Parse subscription fees.

Advantage to Advertisers: Increased Opportunities by Inventory

The biggest problem the advertisers faced with Facebook was that inspite of the 1.32 billion users, they still went short of people in quite particular demographics. Ad targeting by Facebook did let them to locate some of the targeted people, but the advertisers were made to compete for the finite impressions. Also, they were only able to show a person an ad only a defined number of times. The advertisers for sure needed more inventory.

And this is what Facebook's Audience Network helps them with. The Audience Network allows the advertisers to reach anyone who has a Facebook account, irrespective of the fact whether they are active on Facebook or not. This clearly means the advertisers can market their ad to more number of people in a specific demographic, and display the ad many number of times.

Joining The Audience Network

For advertisers: It's quite easy. Build one ad campaign on Facebook. Select a new check-box stating, “Make available to partner networks.” As soon as you get over this step, ads will get displayed to both on Facebook and the third-party apps.

Developers: They can simply sign up with Facebook. Download the software development kit in order to get started with the Audience Network. Afterward, they can simply start running the FB powered apps by writing some lines of code and also integrating the SDK.

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